Dreaded disease runs rampant at Manipal University

What Triggers Procrastination?

A dreaded disease is running rampant through this college campus. It strikes the best of us at the worst of times. It afflicts both young and old It is called procrastination. For those not familiar with this affliction, procrastination is habitual lateness. The symptoms are consistent tardiness to all classes, failure to turn in homework on time, and postponement of term papers and reports. The symptoms also show up at home, arriving late to dinner, putting off housework, and paying the bills two weeks late I have had it since birth, Correction, even earlier than that because I was born three weeks late.

I guess that set the stage for the rest of my life I didn’t start walking until I was two-years-old. I spoke my first word at three years of age. You won’t believe this but my first word was “”wait.”‘

My  school teachers were furious at my tardiness They would always pin notes to my shirt informing my mother to send me to school earlier. But no matter how early I started off from my home, I would always arrive late at school I would see a butterfly or a pretty flower and I’d be so preoccupied I’d lose track of time.

My parents decided to buy a watch for me. I learned how to tell time. But to this day, every watch that I wear always runs late. Other people can wear my watches and they’ll run on time, but when I wear them they’re late. You’ve all heard of those students who stay up all night writing a term paper that is due the next morning I’m one of those students.

One time I arrived to class bleary eyed to hand in my hastily written term paper. Imagine my surprise when my teacher tells me it’s not due for another week. He asks me if I would like to hand it in now. Something inside me rebelled as I started to hand it over. This is against my nature, I thought. No, I’ll  retype it,” I said.

One week later I’m up at 4:30 in the morning busily typing 25 pages of a term paper I could have handed in early. Once more  I am finding it difficult to turn in homework on time. I’m always thinking up excuses to postpone the inevitable. My favorite excuses are telephoning friends, playing with my cat and finally sitting down to watch the late show.

By the time the movie is over, I’ve come to the conclusion that the homework must be done. I thought I had my procrastination under control, but once struck you can never be completely cured.

That’s sad news for my fellow students I see running late to class everyday. They must be afflicted too, because it’s the same students everyday
they must live by the same motto I do.

“Why do something today, that you can put off for tomorrow . . and the next day, and the next day…”


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