Does Valentines Day Love Last Forever?

It’s a very special time of the year that lovers and those who wish to be in love look forward to while others who’ve have heart-aches of lost or unfound love detest. Whatever the feeling it’s is indeed a season full of memories both for the young as well as the old.

When we watch a romantic movie or read a romantic story, we mostly imagine ourselves to be one of the the characters. We live our lives like them. I’ve heard that it is a similar feeling when you fall in love. Our feet seem to feel lighter, our spirits higher, it feels as if we can conquer the world.Well that’s the plus side of the story. Honestly in this very practical world there are people who still believe in the traditional type of love story,where waiting for the one you love is possible,where simple things make one happy and, where not much is expected except for a bit of love, care and

But these days in the name of love both the guy and the girl are put in a fix, they throw everything they have at each other the moment they see. And what happens the fire that should be kept burning till the day they die burns out fast. People are in love with the concept of being in love. They love one person spend a whole range of emotions, money, time and effort in keeping each other happy and then they part ways leaving their story incomplete. As clichéd as it may sound where’s the fairytale ending here?
The irony of all this is that, it’s not like these people don’t know their priorities, everyone knows how their own families are or at least I believe they do. Then why cause so much of stress to yourself, your family and the person you love and their family.

When did people become so cold, so inhuman? Yes I realize nobody does all this on purpose, it just happens. But why do we let it happen? That’s what I have to ask of you. Well I guess it just does.

Yes I realize I’m drawing a grim sketch of one of the world’s most appreciated feelings, but unfortunately this is what we see.

Yet hope is not lost there still are people who are in relationships for many a year, irrespective of the distance or the difference in caste, creed, counties, states, despite the fact that they are completely different their cuisine, their dressing style, their basic idea of life, some how they connect and they connect so beautifully that their love for each other helps them progress in life (whether academically, physically or mentally). And there are stories where such relationships end in beautiful marriages too (yes there may be arguments as there may be in any case yet, like they say “No one’s perfect ,but finding that right person, who’s imperfections are compatible with yours”.

Any how lightening up the mood once again, love is in the air, flowers seem prettier than ever before, the wind seems beautiful than ever before and the heart is sing unlike ever before. Perfect timing to pop the question to the very special girl or guy on your mind .

And for those of you who can’t seem to find the right one, right now. Don’t be dissapointed there is someone out there waiting for you. Wondering who you are the same way you are wondering who they are.(if you are).

Have an awesome Valentine’s day.

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