Does our society lack commitment?

It’s always nice to be involved in a relationship, and in our society today there are many relationships that we are exposed to. We have friendships, business acquaintances, boyfriends, girlfriends and marriages; we even have relationships with our pets.

There is, though, one aspect that we sometimes abuse in our relationships and that is the initial commitment that we chose to make.

A commitment should be a bond between two people; a commitment should be a trust; a commitment should be consistent with the words spoken between the people involved. At times we make promises to others and further commit ourselves, but we don’t often follow through on our agreements. I believe that in our society we are conditioned to go for the best We are so caught up with self that we don’t allow anything else to get in our way.Commitments

We have magazines that tell us how to be successful; we have magazines that tell us how to be beautiful, and we have magazines that tell us how to get rich. So with all this help on self-improvement how can one possibly become a wretch. I believe the more people read these types of literature then the least likely they are to make a sincere commitment in their lives (unless the commitment is to themselves), because they have been conditioned to put themselves above all else.

Our commitments often suffer because of our selfish nature. Our friendships are sometimes based on what the other friend can do for us. We have cliques that cater to our different social groups. Athletes will hang out with other athletes for school notoriety; intellectuals will converse with other intellectuals for prestige, and pretty girls will always have pretty girlfriends just to attract guys.

Business acquaintances are the shallowest of all when it comes to commitments. I don’t think that Vijay Mallya got to where he is today because of how many commitments to friends he kept, and that’s all I’m going to say on that.

Our boyfriends or girlfriends are often the victims of our selfish actions as well. One attitude that is popular among couples is the restriction attitude. With this attitude one will prohibit the other from any social activities, whether it be talking with friends or glancing at a member of the opposite sex, then go out with his/her own friends and have a good time. In these cases commitment is only applicable when convenient.

One relationship that has suffered drastically in our society, because of the lack of commitment, is marriage. Many people enter into marriage with the comforting thought that if it doesn’t work out they can get a divorce, and please sign this pre-marital agreement has only become a substitute for until death do us part.

Well, with all these bogus relationships going around it seems like I don’t have anything to believe in , and if it weren’t for my lucky astrology mood watch I probably wouldn’t believe in anything at all.

There is, though, a relationship that we can always count on when we need a friend. There is a relationship that exists which is consistent with our needs when we want to feel loved and understood, and this relationship is the one we have with our pets. Our pets always seem to tacitly understand us and know instinctively how to react to our problems. Yes our pets do understand the importance of a commitment.

So while the rest of the world is fussing and fighting and desperately trying to self-improve, I’ll just keep hugging my puppy.

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