Do You Need Higher Degree or You Can Make a Hit Without It?

Times are changing and many youngsters are choosing to go straight to work, instead of pursuing a higher education. One factor could be that the cost of education keeps on rising, or they simply feel like they do not need it to succeed. There are those who believe that you cannot be successful without going to college, but then there are those who have proven this to be untrue. Of course, both sides have pros and cons and it is not a one shoe fits all situations. You have to look at your own capabilities and situation before such a decision can be made.Why Higher Degree

Self-education is on the rise with so much information available to us daily. Many individuals read as much as they can and learn by themselves. There is nothing wrong with this method of learning, but we have to ask ourselves if this is just as effective as going to a formal institution to learn. It’s so easy to find the best essay editor and a great computer course online, that it almost seems senseless to learn any skills the traditional way. Let’s say you have decided to go to college and get a formal education. What are the benefits you will gain?

Reaching a goal

If one of your goals is to have a formal education, you should consider doing it the traditional way, because self-education is not yet recognized everywhere. Applying for a job as an accountant might be more difficult to obtain without a formal qualification. What are your career goals and are you able to achieve these without going to college?

Higher salary

Unfortunately corporate companies are looking for individuals with a higher education and a proven track record of success. Having your qualification can make you stand out and your scores might impress the recruiter or employer. Teaching yourself is not going to give you any formal certificate, diploma or degree to send with your application. It is proven that qualified individuals do earn higher salaries than those without one. Sure, you can find a paraphrase essay online, but can you draw up a balance sheet without doing an accounting course?


There is so much confidence that comes with receiving a qualification, because you had to do it by yourself. The long nights studying and those tests you passed are all great for your confidence. When you walk into your job, you may not need a summarize tool from the internet, because you learned the skills of doing it yourself. This is definitely one of the greatest benefits.

Here are the benefits of choosing not to pursue a formal qualification.


When you decide to take matters into your own hands, you have so much freedom while educating yourself. You can do 5 different things and have money come in from all those options. It is possible to make an income without working for someone. At the end of the day it is about delivering results and you can do that without a piece of paper telling others that you can.

Save costs

It is expensive to pursue a formal education and you might tie yourself down to a lot of debt before you even start working. Many people are drowning in student loans because their entrée jobs do not give them enough to pay off these enormous loans. You can learn the same amount of work on your own without paying a small fortune.


We are seeing a definite rise in entrepreneurship and it is great. You can easily teach yourself all the skills you need to know in order for you to run a successful business. Instead of spending 6 years pursuing a formal education, you can use the same time to build a successful business. Many people have decided to do this with great success. Bill Gates dropped out of college and we all know how successful he is.

Written by: Linda Jellison works as a content manager. Her hobby is traveling, reading and guest post writing. She was a top student and now she shares her experience with other students. Linda dreams of publishing her own book and running her own blog.

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