Did someone ever forget your birthday?

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If so, how did it feel? If not, how do you think it would feel? How many times has it been that you have forgotten your friend’s birthday?

Considering the hectic lifestyle that most working professionals have today, friend’s and family’s birthdays usually tend to skip off the mind. People tend to do various things to remember the birthday such as making notes,  reminder alarms etc, but most times these do not work as well.

Recently, Kartik Mandaville along with  Saurabh Suman and Abhinit Ambastha, all students of Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal University, Manipal, developed a FaceBook application AutoBudder . AutoBudder allows you to be as impersonal and lazy as you want to be with your FaceBook “friends”. It sends out a message at 12 midnight with messages that are as personal as a simulated wish can be.

Most people have their birthdays listed on Facebook and using the applications feature, AutoBudder automatically wishes your friends on their birthdays, with customized messages from you, at sharp 12, before anyone can. Its hassle free, doubles as a birthday calendar, and at times, just helps maintain those social commitments.

The Developers of Autobudder Facebook App

Currently Autobudder  reaches out to more than 8.99 lakh users yearly and has 3000 registered users. They achieved this within a short span of 4 months without any marketing.

AutoBudder won the prestigious ACMB Challenge of Code which carries a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh.
There has been widespread media coverage about AutoBudder
  • Cyber Media ( Never Forget your friend’s birthdays)   
  • Pluggd.in – Never Feel Guilty Of Forgetting Another Birthday – AutoBudder
  • Times of India ( Pune Mirror –Too Lazy to wish a friend ? FB App does it for you, Sci & Tech ,Bangalore Mirror – Too Lazy to wish a friend ? FB App does it for you ,City )
In the near future, the developers,  plan to include a birthday calendar and Email/ SMS alerts for the upcoming birthdays.
ManipalBlog.com is proud to be associated with Autobudder and wishes them all the best for the future! We hope our readers, login to their Facebook account and use this amazing application developed by our very own Manipalite colleagues!!


  1. I think this is a fantastic idea, to tackle an issue all of us do face.. I wont be too critical about the job this app is doing, cause all in all its the thought that counts, and where it really matters, people can customize accordingly.

  2. @Aditya – Probably because many others use the same app and it gets in a "Wish Jam" like Mumbai roads 😛

    @Kartik Thanks for dropping by.. have heard there is a talk/workshop by the autobudder team, please do check your mail and let me know, whether you are still interested!

  3. Congrats to your win…
    but seriously dnt u think that the idea was a bit stupid? I mean if u automatically start wishing someone on their birthday, it destroys the wish in itself? Really a silly app. A good application is that which helps people achieve something, and helps people. pls build something more worthwhile. you are the young minds of today, and wasting time on building "autobudders" wont help you at all….
    i mean offense only to the application

  4. @Anonymous – It's easy to make comments in anonymity. While we appreciate the thought that better things need to be developed, we wish our readers would Identify themselves. Criticizing something is easy, but constructive criticism is difficult. To be able to create something, one needs proper support and enthusiasm!!

  5. @Autobudder Team: Although I agree this app is great and very useful, there are some friends whom I want to wish personally and not through an automated app. If the app considered this also, I think then it would become unbeatable!!! 🙂 Anyways GREAT work!

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