Demon Slayer Bong: A Piece Worth Owning?

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Cannabis and hemp products have gained popularity over the years for their recreational and medicinal uses. Bongs or waterpipes play a crucial role in helping you enjoy cannabinoid-rich smoke.

Similar to vapes, bongs are glass tubes designed to filter smoke from cannabis and other herbs over water. They have three major parts: the inlet, filtration chamber, and outlet.

As a result, bongs deliver a clean stream of purified vapor containing beneficial cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. This device can improve your vaping experience a thousand times. Bongs come in different shapes and sizes. An example is the anime bong, which draws inspiration from its various anime series designs.

For anime fans, the various characters in the anime world make vaping enjoyable and add to their art collection.

One of those famous anime bongs is the Demon Slayer Bong which stems from the popular Japanese manga series, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

This brief article reviews the features and benefits of using the Demon Slayer Bong, its inspiration, and how the anime theme presently affects the cannabis industry.

Who Is the Demon Slayer?

Manga is a popular Japanese comic series that features heroes and villains primarily based on earth with supernatural and mystical abilities. Characters like the demon slayer are a result of creativity from comic writers and inspiration from nature or their surroundings.

The demon slayer plot is set around teenage Tanjiro. This boy lived in rural Japan and came home to find his family attacked by a demon called Muzan Kibutsuji. This tragic incident left everyone in his family dead except his sister, Nezuko. Unfortunately, Muzan had transformed Nezuko into a demon.

Devastated by this event, Tanjiro swore revenge on Muzan’s colony. Two years later, Tanjiro joined the demon slayer corps with the help of Ginyu and underwent intensive training. Next, they launched a series of revenge attacks across the colonies of these monsters.

Over time, they defeated the demons, including Muzan, the father of all monsters, with the help of his semi-human sister. Sadly, they lost many of their fighters in the process.

Slaying Muzan also ensured the demon league ended since no one could turn innocent people into demons again.

In addition, at the end of the series, they also transformed Nezuko into a normal human being. After that, both siblings got married to the love of their lives.

Where Is the Demon Slayer Set?

The plot for this manga series happened in Japan. Tanjiro lived during the Taisho-era in Japan alongside secret societies like the Hashira and Demon Slayer Corps existed.

The demons fed on humans and could turn one into their kind by injecting their blood into the victim. This way, they kept increasing across the country. Muzan made the first set of demons by injecting them with his blood.

However, they were not invincible and could die after getting injured fatally by a weapon made from the Nichirin alloy. Also, the sunlight or an injection of poison from the Wisteria flowers could kill these demons.

These demons are supernatural human beings with regenerative powers, endurance, and super strength.

As a result, the Demon Slayer Corps and Hashira trained to slay these demons by employing special breathing techniques that make them super resistant to demon attacks and give them increased strength.

The Demon Slayer manga series entered production on February 15, 2016, and the last copy came out on May 18, 2020. It has 23 volumes in total.

What Is the Demon Slayer Bong?

Cannabis lovers who are into anime are happy with the cross between the cannabis space and manga universe.

How else can you make Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba engraved in fans’ minds other than creating a sync between the anime world and the natural world? This glass bong offers you just that opportunity.

The Demon Slayer Bong draws inspiration from the superhuman fighting prowess of Tanjiro.

Adorning the crystal clear surface of this bong is a well-blended painting of Tanjiro. The design perfectly uses the bong’s surface, which helps it stand out among other cannabis accessories.

Every puff of CBD-rich smoke from this bong flows through your system and gives you a whiff of the magical endurance that helped Tanjiro outfight the demons.

The Demon Slayer Bong is a perfect gift for your loved ones or friends that enjoy manga. Its elegance makes this priceless gift stick in the heart of your loved one for years.

In addition, if you’re into art collections, this glass bong is an iconic piece. Having it standing tall on your shelf shows you’re a true demon slayer fan.

Think about the excitement and curiosity one will raise whenever they bring out the demon slayer bong.

The Demon Slayer Bongs is the last puzzle piece that gives you a joyful experience when enjoying cannabis with friends or family anytime.

Overview of the Demon Slayer Bong

What’s better than getting a glass bong featuring one of the most iconic anime characters? This bong works like others, but its design is unique.

The Demon Slayer bong has a glass body and a paint finish featuring Tanjiro, also known as Kimetsu no Yaiba, or the blade of demon destruction in English.

It has two openings – an inlet below letting smoke into the device and a high-placed outlet that emerges from the filtration chamber.

Gas from cannabis or hemp products enters the Demon Slayer Bong from the inlet and flows into the filtration chamber. Here, the smoke runs through water which removes any dust or impurities.

Next, you get a mouthful of sweet-flavored CBD-rich smoke from the outlet that supercharges you to face any demons like Tanjiro.

You can enjoy several things with the Demon Slayer Bong – from CBD concentrates and hemp flowers to various medicinal herbs.

Now, one might start to worry a bit about the paint. The Demon Slayer Bongs have natural-based, non-toxic paint. As a result, the colorful design does not cause any health harm while using this bong. In addition, this paint is outside your bong and does not mix with the hemp smoke.

One advantage the paint gives you is that it is scratch-resistant and forms a protective coating for the glass bong. The paint layer prevents the bong’s surface from scratching due to constant usage.

What about the design? If this bong doesn’t capture Tanjiro in an inspiring way, it becomes a problem. Hence, professional artists give the Demon Slayer Bong a unique finish that makes it stand out from others.

In addition, you can also add more spice to this bong if you’re good at painting. It is fully customizable, and you can build upon the designs created by these artists.

Are There Other Glass Bongs Based on the Animeverse?

Since the rise of anime, CBD manufacturers have seen the need to capture people’s favorite characters in their products. Hence, they didn’t stop with the Demon Slayer, as one can also get products based on the villains in anime series.

This anime bong space is a good example. Here you can get realistic-looking glass bongs based on many anime characters like Super Mario, Baked Bart, and MM Donuts beaker bongs.

Note that you can get discounts, like a 15% off, when ordering a Demon Slayer bong from CBD accessory sellers like Everything 420.

What About Delivery and Shipping?

Delivery and shipping are essential aspects of getting a Demon Slayer bong. A discreet shipping process ensures no one knows what you’re ordering, especially if you’ve got nosey neighbors.

Ensure you enter the shipping address correctly and learn about the company’s shipping policies so you’re not left stranded.

You can also get these customized bongs from Everything 420 with the benefit of discreet and private delivery. The bong comes with several wraps of protective bubble wrap that not only prevents damage during shipping but also conceals the bong entirely.

In addition, you also have the benefit of order tracking, which helps you monitor the delivery at every stage.

Does the Anime Theme Often Appear in the Cannabis Industry?

The anime verse is one of the most diverse fictional worlds ever created. This movie genre consists of Japanese animated films and manga cartoons portrayed in real-life settings.

Shortly after the emergence of the Demon Slayer, many anime channels and producers picked up the story and created various sequels to the original story.

In addition, the cannabis industry closely watched the events and discovered that a reasonable number of people wanted anime-inspired cannabis products.

As a result, various anime-theme-inspired products emerged. These include anime bongs, vapes, and hemp products. The cannabis industry keyed into this trend to deliver products that reflect your anime personality and feels closer to your heart.

So, you can find more anime-themed cannabis accessories online, with new ones emerging daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the Demon Slayer Bong Contain Toxic Paint?

No. The paint used on this glass bong is non-toxic and dries quickly. It does not wear off or leave residues on your fingers. This way, it will not affect your vaping experience in any way.

  • Are There Discounts for Ordering This Product?

Yes. Everything 420, one of the top-rated CBD shops, offers a 15% discount on your purchase with their unique promo code.

  • Can I Get Discreet Shipping?

Yes. Discreet and private shipping is available on every purchase. The Demon Slayer bong gets delivered to your doorstep with no fuss.

Wrapping Up

The Demon Slayer Bong adds beauty to your anime bong collection with its unique and stylish design. Based on the manga character, Tanjiro, this product renews the zeal to face the struggles of life squarely.

This glass bong has natural, non-toxic paint and a finish that protects its surface from scratches.

You can get the Demon Slayer Bong from top-rated sellers like Everything 420 at a discount with the perks of fast and discreet delivery.

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