Dear Iron Man, We Love You 3000

A tribute to the best Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist ever.

At first sight, a man in a suit of armour is all that the eye could see,
Who knew how far he would go, how great he could be.
In 2008, he was just a man who wanted to live and had to save his own heart.
But then he realised that he couldn’t stand to watch the world tear itself apart.
He started off as the man who just built a suit to escape from a hostage situation,
Not knowing that he would be the man who would give everything to save so many nations.

There was so much ego in him, so much of self importance and pride,
But all of that started to change with Pepper Potts by his side.
Pay close attention to this journey and you will see,
A selfish man grow into everything a hero should be.
Not that he was flawless, he made mistakes along the way,
He wanted to see a suit of armour around the world someday,
But made a monster who wanted to destroy the world and somehow let it astray.
And it took all kinds of crazy to finally get him to admit that he’s in love with the woman of his dreams.
But it’s the courage and pride he fought with despite these imperfections that make him even more heroic than he seems.

“I told you, I don’t want to join your super secret boy band.” He once said.
Years later, he ended up doing everything in his power to make sure that boy band didn’t stay dead.
Beneath all that sarcasm and wit was a man who loved few but loved fiercely too,
Beneath all that confidence and charm was a man who was still figuring out what he had to do.

And while it’s true that only Pepper and you knew what was in that beautiful heart you had,
All of us knew that when the time came, you’d make a wonderful dad.
Captain America once said that you’re not the kind to make the sacrifice play.
We all know he’s going to regret saying that every single day.
You knew loyalty like one else- from risking it all for Peter Parker, to sitting next to Happy in the hospital and caring about six year old boys and their plastic watches too,
And when it came down to saving the world, there wasn’t anything you wouldn’t do.

You were right, you know? Sometimes, you need to run before you can walk.
But we’re going to miss all those sarcastic comments and that giddy big talk.
Wherever you are now, I hope you know that we didn’t need proof that Tony Stark has a heart.
We knew that all along, we knew it from the start.
Because it takes heart to take a nuke and fly into outer space.

It takes heart to envision dreams as big as yours and actually give them a face.
It takes heart to forgive Steve Rogers for not telling you how your parents met their end.
It takes heart to be stranded on a planet with Nebula and make her your friend.
And it takes heart to risk never seeing your family again too,
It takes heart to bring on your own death with a snap of your fingers just because it’s the right thing to do.
We’re so proud of you, all of us. For everything, for how far you’ve come since 2008,
For figuring out time travel and serving Thanos his rightful fate.

You’ll go down in history as the only man who got Thanos to bleed,
You’ll go down in history as a man who became a hero by overcoming his pride and his greed.
You’ll go down in history as the Avenger who killed Thanos and saved the world- once and for all.
You’ll go down in history as the Avenger who would rise up stronger after every fall.
You see, you’ll go down in history, but you’ll remain in all our hearts forever,
And not just because you were strong or witty or clever.
It’s because you were the best genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist this world will ever see.
It’s because you represented everything that an Avenger should be.
So wherever you are, at least you can rest now.
And know that Morgan will grow up to be a strong, beautiful woman one day- Pepper knows how.
They love you 3000 and so do we.
Because, you are Iron man and even in our hearts, that’s who you’ll always be.

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