Daddy’s Little Girl

World has always talked about the greatness of Mother. Indeed no comparison to what she undergoes physically,mentally and Daddys galpsychologically to raise her kid. It is still an astonishing reason to imagine how Indian moms can handle multiple things being part of so-called broad-minded stereotype Indian culture. Well somewhere behind her strength is Dad. Yes consciously I didn’t mention it is Man , It is the Dad who is the strength of Mother!

Many men fail to live up to the expectations as a son,husband,brother,friend etc but most men have always proved themselves to be super DAD . Most of the dads are unexpressive , portray themselves to be strong and stone hearted people as if nothing on the earth bothers them. Their soft spots are “DAUGHTERS”.

Here is a short story about Aditya( The Dad) and Aditi ( daughter) who is always my favorite bit.

“Aditi eat your box completely don’t dump it in the dustbin , I know it’s not your favourite food in the box” said Aditya peddling his bicycle . Little aditi sitting on the top tube of the cycle replied “Mamma never gives this to box why did you? When you know I don’t like Upma( south Indian dish made out of broken rice) in a low yet assertive voice”. “Well that was easy to make and you know mom is out-of-town for few days. Sorry but adjust for today ” said Aditya in a soft voice to which Aditi nodded gently.

Aditya was at his thirty’s working for a private firm. He was hardworking, dedicated gentlemen who had his own mindset. He was a man who was very blunt with his words, unromantic yet the person who could do anything to keep his family happy. Aradhya ,his wife had just given birth to a new member and was at her mother’s place.

Aditya and Aradhya were individuals  whose thoughts never matched. It was all okay during the beginning of the marriage but things were not that great after few years.Aradhya’s inner feelings were never recognized by Aditya and worst thing is he never felt that was important! The only thing for which Aradhya respected him was he was the best dad that Aditi could get. He could do anything for her.After his work he used to take aditi for a long ride in his bicycle which was her favorite and get her cotton candies every day when their ride was over.

Aditya was a perfect Dad. Hero figure to Aditi. Few years passed aditi was all in her adolescence.She was smart ,bright ,independent kid who had her own voice. She never feared to express her feelings ,sometimes as blunt as Aditya.One monsoon evening both were walking and Aditi asked ” You always gave me the space to express my likes and dislikes , always supported me to do whatever was right ,never stopped me doing crazy things in life, I made stupid choices ,made mistakes but did all these because I knew that if something goes wrong you are always behind me!” Why din’t you give this space to Amma??

Aditya had no answers…. and the walk continued in silence!

Aditi is still Daddy’s little girl and Aditya is still her hero!

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