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Chocolate is one addiction that is not condemned. Well, not yet. I would probably go into withdrawal if I didn’t get my daily dose of chocolate. I live on chocolate.


How about death by chocolate? Now that would be the perfect way to die, drowning in the smooth, rich, creamy warmth of chocolate. All you see is brown and all you taste is chocolate. The sad part is, that is very unlikely unless you make it a point to stuff yourself with chocolate till you explode or your stomach gets perforated. But if you want a break from reality, go to Just Bake Manipal, order a death by chocolate and take it one nice bit at a time. These guys nail it.


Just Bake is the new player in town and is doing a really good job. It is the ideal place for dessert, what with its location on End Point Road with Pizza Hut Delivery right next door and most of the good food places within a 1 km radius.

They bake good cake. A friend’s birthday coming up? Well you know where to go. The good part is, they even deliver! Now, back to the chocolate. Their death by chocolate is just, ah! Death by chocolate. Chocolate strawberry is also really good! If you like coffee, there is Irish coffee and mind you, that is one beautiful cake!

Chocolate Strawberry Cake
Chocolate strawberry
Pineapple Muffins at Just Bake Manipal
Lemon tarts at Just Bake Manipal

Now I have to mention their tarts. You don’t go to Just Bake and not try the tarts. They have chocolate tarts and lemon tarts. Those are some good tarts and man are they are filling! They even have some good ice cream. Especially red velvet. The flavors they recommend are red velvet, blueberry cheesecake and Belgian chocolate. As a chocolate addict it is logical that I harp on about Belgian chocolate but this time I will have to betray my manna. That spot is stolen by red velvet. If you love cookie dough you will love red velvet.

Just Bite into these creamy delicious cupcakesChocolate Cupcakes - Dark Chocolate

If you love mousse and fudge, try the chocolate mud cremple.  Their sandwiches are good but underrated. Oh and how could I forget the muffins! Unlike the other items which come from Mangalore, the muffins are brought from Bangalore, twice a month and they get sold out in a flash. They have chocolate, blueberry and caramel flavored muffins.


Yummy Dessert Cherries and Cake

If you have a sweet tooth or if you crave dessert or just need a snack, Just Bake in Manipal is the place to be. Just make sure you save a lot of space in your stomach for dessert because you are going to need all the space you can get.

All Photos: Surabhi’s Photography for ManipalBlog.

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