CONSCENDO ’19: The Department of Commerce fest

On 14th of February, 2019, when the world was celebrating the day of love, the students and faculty members of the Department of Commerce, MAHE were celebrating the start of a new edition of ‘Conscendo’, a national level UG Management fest. Conscendo ’19 was the brand new chapter of DOC’s brainchild, one which bridges the gap between what is taught in class and how it is applied in the real world, in actual scenarios. This fest is the emblem for the kind of education that is required in this world, for its smooth functioning and how the decision making abilities of various individuals at various places ensure that it remains that way. An opening ceremony for the fest was held at the MV Seminar Hall, inside the MIT campus. This marked the beginning of two days filled with a simulation of almost every aspect of the commercial world and a number of students from colleges across the country showing their prowess in these events.
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The events of Conscendo’19 were spread across various categories and under various banners. These categories are mainly the ones which are present in any organization and ensure that its day to day operations are all being carried out in the most efficient of ways. The categories present were Finance, Logistics, Public Relations, Human Resources, and Marketing. All of these events had the same working structure and competition criteria, even though the judgment and the basic content of the event varied with each category. The participants were given a scenario inspired by the daily functioning of an organization. These were issues that are addressed on a daily basis by the professionals of the commercial world in some or the other form. An example of how the event proceeded can be seen in the kind of work it was given to the delegates competing under the Marketing banner. The delegates were made to assume the role of a marketing manager of an alcoholic beverages company, who were looking to enter an untapped market of the state of Gujarat. The delegate had to convince the local government to issue an alcohol permit for the company. It was scenarios such as these that made these events a big challenge and even offered a new and exciting experience to the participants.

The delegates of each event did everything in their knowledge to make themselves stand out from their competitors and present a unique solution. As the situations and the problem statements changed according to the category, so did the solutions and the level of the competition. From a KSRTC strike to a merger plan for a new project, everything and anything made an appearance in the fest. There was also a flagship event called ‘Best Manager’, which as the name suggests, tested the delegates across all these categories and scenarios. The combined problem statement for this event was related to the Kerala floods which occurred last year. The situation was one which demanded expertise which cut across all the domains and disciplines. The participants put forward quite the competition as everyone seemed to have a unique plan and had an amazing measure of the situation they were in. This was a brilliant example of the level of this wonderful fest organized by the DOC, MAHE.

Conscendo ’19 was a big success and the level seems to be increasing with each passing year. “It’s a great platform for students from various undergrad business schools to showcase their business creativity and managing abilities to be prepared for the immense future that lies ahead”, was the statement of one of the participants of the ‘Best Manager’ event. “I participated last year as well and the experience has been equally wonderful”, said another participant.

The students and the faculty of the Department of Commerce, MAHE deserve all the credit for pulling off this massive event in an amazingly professional manner and without any major hiccups. After all, this is the place where all these professionals are made who can make many more such events and scenarios a big success in the corporate world.

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