Connspiring with the Conspiracists

Having a brain is a wonderful thing, of course. But with it comes the ability to think. And some tend to use this ability way too much. Throughout history, there have been incidents happening that don’t have solid reasoning behind them, or the reasons are kept well hidden from everyone. And at that time when a few like-minded people come together, voice their opinion, and tell the world what might’ve happened, it becomes a conspiracy theory. These are the reasons behind strange occurrences that can make sense sometimes, but not the others. Here are some of the most atrocious theories that people have come up with in human history.

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AIDS and the CIA

Largely relatable to the pandemic that has been going on in the world for the past two years, Africa saw an outbreak of AIDS during the 1980s. Even more, like today, there is a segment of people that call COVID “a weapon” by China that was developed and spread intentionally, it is still believed that AIDS was developed by the CIA. For whatever reason it was done, no one can explain, but there are theorists that are still digging further into this trying to find the truth behind it. 

Global Warming Hoax

We are all taught what global warming is when we are in school. We all know its causes and effects and what it brings with it. But as said earlier, the excessive usage of brains caused some people to believe that all this is just a big hoax. Of course, there have been several scientific discoveries that have contributed to the fact that global warming does indeed take place, but then, it is definitely possible that the world was brainwashed into thinking that, and the few people who think otherwise are the ones that know the truth.


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One of the most famous writers in this world, Shakespeare, according to this theory, might not even be the true author of the works he published. This theory was first developed in the late Victorian era when a group of people started debating on Shakespeare’s life. This was based on the fact that Shakespeare’s signature varied in the different works that he authored. It is claimed that Shakespeare was just a pen-name used by a group of famous authors, namely, Christopher Marlowe, Sir Francis Bacon, Edward de Vere, and Queen Elizabeth I. Their reasoning apart from the signature is that Shakespeare’s plays include such a vast knowledge from different aspects of life, that it is impossible for someone to have such vast knowledge about so many things ranging from medicine, war, military, foreign languages, legal terms, etc. 

The Death of Hitler

One of the most, if not the most feared dictator that the world ever saw, was Adolf Hitler. What he did and what he got known in the world for is common knowledge. But there is still something about Hitler that still intrigues the world; his death. Official reports claim that Adolf Hitler committed suicide alongside his family in a safe house in Berlin when he realized he was losing the war. What most of these theories have in common, is that not only did Hitler and his wife survive, but they fled Berlin quite in time and lived for long after that. A major part of fueling this conspiracy theory was when in a conference in 1945, Stalin downright denied the death of Adolf Hitler and claimed that he was still living. 


     Conspiracy theories have been around the world for a long time, some have a base, others go baseless through word of mouth. It is for us to decide what to believe and what not. As seen in history, a lot of examples can be seen where a minor opinion expanded and led to a full-fledged revolution. 



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