College Planning for the Adult Student

So you have decided to go back to college? Congratulations are in order! You have made a big decision to take back your educational rights and you should be proud of yourself. However, you need to recognize that juggling family, school and work is a big task and failed by many who try it.

If you are going to college for the first time in your life then it will be a little scary. If you are returning to college for the first time in a long time then you can expect it to be much different this time around. You will have to plan ahead in order to have time to study for big exams and you will have to have a supportive spouse in order to pass the classes you want to take.

Often times, you’ll be ready to pull your hair out and other times you’ll be well satisfied with your decision to attend college. Either way, once you make the decision to do it, then you need to stick with your decision and make sure you have the time to finish. Many will expect you to fail because it is tough juggling home life and school.

You’ll want to choke the little girl in front of you who shows up for class late and informs someone across from her of all of life’s stresses and you’ll want to bag the young man beside of you for asking stupid questions but remember, this too shall pass and this is college. You know the real world and for the most part, these kids are just discovering it. However, you will have to have a great sense of humor and will need to take the approach that you are there to learn and that’s the only reason you are there. Passing judgment onto the classmates who have stress over a broken nail won’t help you or them so keep your mind focused on your classes and get through your education as quickly as possible.

Returning to college as an adult is tough because you are often the only adult in the classroom. Often, your professor will be ten to twenty years younger than you are but remember, they paid their dues and likely know what they are talking about since they are teaching the course. Make sure you are ready psychologically for the challenges that returning to school will bring. If you are up for the task, then enjoy your educational reunion!

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