Cheap Franchise Under 5000 That’s Worth the Investment

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Starting a business is risky, expensive, and challenging. However, if you have fully decided to quit working for other people and become your own boss, you might want to try franchising as a start. It is the easiest way to become an entrepreneur.

To know more about franchiseknowhow – click here. There are a variety of cheap franchises today that allow you to start at an initial investment of under $5,000.

Here’s the list of these franchises:


Jan-Pro is a cheap franchise for under 5,000. It is a well-established brand in the commercial cleaning industry. It’s been consistently recognized as the highest-ranked franchise in the country.

Jan-Pro Franchising International Inc. offers a lot of flexibility and solutions for a starting potential franchise. You can have the option to start the business at the convenience of your home or set it up in another country. Whatever your plan is, Jan-Pro has a ready, effective, and proven business model that’s right for you.

What makes it the best cheap franchise is its high flexibility combined with cheap initial investment requirements that can be as low as $3,985. The company makes it certainly easy and affordable for new entrepreneurs and investors.

Here are some specific details about Jan-Pro that you might need to know:

Initial Franchise Fee: $2,520 to $44,000
Initial Investment: $3,985 to $51,105
New units as of 2018: 290 units (up 3.8%)
Training: 15 hours classroom, 15 hours on the job
Support: Regional advertising, email marketing, website development, SEO, social media
Headquarters: Alpharetta, Georgia
Started Franchising: 1992
Entrepreneur Franchise 500 rank: 37

Stratus Building Solutions
Another franchising opportunity in the commercial cleaning industry is Stratus Building Solutions. This company offers two different franchise opportunities, which are:

  • The unit franchise is the more affordable option, and you can do this home-based.
  • A regional master franchise requires a bigger investment and a bigger scope, such as overseeing unit franchises within your territory.

It is not as established as Jan-Pro, so there’s a lot of potential for growth. In addition, its regional master franchise model allows you to be able to expand,  following the company’s defined and organized approach.

Below is important information that you may need to know about Stratus Building Solutions:

Initial Franchise Fee: $2,700 to $37,600

Initial Investment: $3,450 to $48,350

New units as of 2018: 88 units (up 6.3%)

Training: 40 hours classroom, 40 hours on the job

Support: Regional advertising, co-op advertising, national media, website development, social media, SEO, ad templates

Headquarters: Canton, Massachusetts

Started Franchising: 2006

Entrepreneur Franchise 500 rank: 71


Jazzercise is one of the most popular and highest-ranked franchises in the country. Founded in 1969, this company offers total-body fitness and conditioning program to around 500,000 participants in the USA alone. It is also present in more than 30 countries.

Its female-focused fitness model makes the franchise a go-to starting business for fitness-inclined entrepreneurs. It requires entrepreneurs to be trained and certified before being awarded by the franchise.

There are three things that make Jazzercise a perfect franchise to engage with:

  1. It is popular in the fitness industry
  2. It is perfect for entrepreneurs who are inclined and/or advocate fitness and healthy living
  3. It is present around the world in over 9,000 locations

More information about Jazzercise is below:

Initial Franchise Fee: $1,250

Initial Investment: $3,530 to $12,900

New units as of 2018: 204 units (up 3.3%)

Training: Self-directed training on the job, ongoing

Support: Regional advertising, co-op advertising, ad templates, SEO, social media, email marketing, website development

Headquarters: Denver, Colorado

Started Franchising: 1982

Entrepreneur Franchise 500 rank: 60

Cruise Planners

Cruise Planners offer full-service travel packages, travel insurance, cruises, as well as car rentals. This is great for entrepreneurs who want to establish a home-based travel agency. It has a low operating cost, and low investment requirement and is a perfect niche franchise for entrepreneurs who love travel and planning.

Initial Franchise Fee: $495 to $10,495

Initial Investment: $2,095 to $10,495

New units as of 2018: 125 units (up 5%)

Training: 58.5 hours classroom, ongoing training for on the job

Support: Regional advertising, national media, co-op advertising, website development, social media, SEO, ad templates

Headquarters: Coral Springs, Florida

Started Franchising: 1999

Entrepreneur Franchise 500 rank: 61

Dream Vacations

Like Cruise Planners, Dream Vacations offers a travel agency business model franchise. You can sell travel packages, shore excursions, hotels, tours, and travel insurances. Potential customers can range from individual customers, families, businesses, couples, and travel groups.

It still has fewer franchises, which opens a great opportunity for growth.

Initial Franchise Fee: $495 to $9,800Initial Investment: $3,425 to $21,850
New units as of 2018: 34 units (up 3.6%)
Training: 45 hours of classroom
Support: Regional advertising, co-op advertising, national media, loyalty program and app, website development, social media, SEO, ad templates
Headquarters: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Started Franchising: 1992<
Entrepreneur Franchise 500 rank: 135


Starting small as an entrepreneur is a wise and practical idea. Franchises offer established brands and products, as well as a business model that’s proven effective. These cheap franchises are worthy investments. At the same time, they’re a great way to develop your management skills as an entrepreneur. You would also need specific software and skills for your franchise. Key Invoice is an online expense management platform to manage the invoices of your enterprise or middle-level organization.

If the franchises listed above are unsuitable for your needs or are not business opportunities you would like to pursue, you can find a huge list of franchise opportunities available in the USA using or This directory lists franchises in multiple states and industries, helping everyone find their perfect franchise.

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