Can Tea Tree Oil Help in Removing Acne Scars

Tea tree oil has become a popular ingredient in many household items, cosmetics and skincare products. Known for its natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties, this essential oil now has a worldwide exposure and following.

Tea tree oil (TTO) is derived from an Australian native plant Melaleuca alternifolia and the oil from the leaves was extracted through the process of distillation. It is also known to cure a long list of skin disorders like allergic contact dermatitis, athlete’s foot, rashes, and acne.

10 Common Uses of Tea Tree Oil 

  1. Acne Treatment

There have been studies on the potency of tea tree oil in combatting certain bacteria, fungi and viruses, and Propionibacterium acnes, or the bacteria that dwells in hair follicles that cause acne inflammation is among those that TTO can get rid of acne. Aside from using skincare products that are formulated with tea tree oil, you can also prepare your own version of a TTO facial cleanser with a 1:9 ratio or 1 part TTO and 9 parts water.

  1. Treatment for Other Skin Disorders

Aside from acne, you probably dread your itchy skin, rashes, hives, eczema, psoriasis, and more skin disorders. Tea tree oil can also relieve the itch and inflammation with your very own TTO bath. Put 3-5 drops of pure tea tree oil on your lukewarm bath. Women should be cautious bathing in this bath preparation as tea tree oil can be harsh to the vaginal area.

  1. Aromatherapy and Relief Respiratory Problems

Whether you are enjoying your tea tree oil bath or just wanting to relax at the end of a long day, a few drops of tea tree oil on your oil burner or air revitalizer can take all your stressful thoughts away.  Aside from being a mood booster, it is also a good immune system booster as it kills airborne bacteria and viruses. It also makes breathing easier for those with colds, cough and asthma.

  1. Treat Hair and Scalp Problems

Dry or oily scalp can both cause dandruff and itching. Bring back the balance on your scalp by combing a few drops of tea tree oil in the water you will use to wash your hair right before you towel dry it. Or you can also mix 1-2 drops with your favorite shampoo and dilute it in water before using on your hair and scalp.

  1. Antifungal Treatment

Athlete’s foot, nail fungal infection, jock itch and ringworm are among the most common types of fungal skin infections of the skin and tea tree oil can work wonders on these too. Soak feet in warm water with tea tree oil and Epsom salt for althlete’s foot and nail fungal infection daily. Sponge bath using water with tea tree oil, 2 to 3 times a day especially during hot days, for those who are suffering from jock itch. Dab a cotton ball in 1 tablespoon of water with 2 drops of tea tree oil.

  1. All-around Household Item

Tea tree oil also has a long list of household uses. It can be used as laundry freshener, can be used for dishwashing, air spray to kill bacteria and mold, can be mixed with water as an all-purpose cleaner in the kitchen, laundry area, toilet and bath.

  1. Insect Repellent

Ran out of insect spray or insect repellent lotion? You can use pure tea tree oil to get rid of mosquitoes and bug bites. Simply apply directly on your clothes and socks or mix with water and spray on your skin and your surroundings.

  1. Natural Mouthwash

Mimic the same effects of that mouthwash in the TV ad without the sting by putting a drop of tea tree oil on your water for gargle after brushing. Candida Albican, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, oral pathogens that might be dwelling in your mouth and causing bad breath succumb to the power of tea tree oil too. Just make sure to gargle with pure water after using TTO for mouthwash.

Can Tea Tree Oil Help in Removing Acne Scars?

Can it really help in removing acne scars? Yes and no. Yes but not in an instant. All acne remedies require trial and consistent use before efficacy is proven, that applies to tea tree oil as well. So how can we harness the power of tea tree oil on acne and help us remove acne scars?

Spot treatment

Treating acne on its early stage prevents it from getting worse. As stubborn blackheads, whiteheads and an acne appears to be inflamed, you can immediately dab a cotton ball dipped in tea tree oil and water solution. Most reviews of this home-made remedy would tell you that spot treating acne with tea tree oil seems like magic and most users say that their pimple have subsided overnight.

Acne healing

If tea tree oil can dry and heal wounds, scabies, eczema, then acne is no different. If you noticed that a zit freshly erupted, you can prevent bacteria from further irritating it and help promote faster healing by washing your face with water with a few drops of tea tree oil daily until it completely dries up and the pore closes.

Heal marks and scars

Red and dark marks are the usual remnants of acne and there’s no better way to take care of it and ensuring that your skin is clear and even toned. Make tea tree oil and water solution a part of your daily skin care routine. Mix 1 part tea tree oil with 9 part distilled water and place it in a spray or pump bottle and use it as your toner. Make sure to use your favorite moisturizer after as tea tree oil can dry your skin too.

Acne Scar Treatment Products with Tea Tree Oil

If you are looking for readily available skincare products with tea tree oil to compliment your DIY tea tree oil skincare routine and to help remove acne scars and prevent recurrence of acne, these brands are the favorites:

Keeva Original Tea Tree Oil Acne Treatment

Not solely for fresh acne but it is also good for removing acne scars and marks as fast as 3 days. This brand has got good reviews for its complete line of skincare products which are all using tea tree oil – from toner to night cream.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

A pocket-sized targeted solution for acne became a go-to product for acne breakouts and blemishes. According to the brand, they have sold 1 bottle every 8 seconds for a certain period between 2014-2015.

Lush Cosmetics Tea Tree Water

Especially formulated facial water/toner for people with sensitive skin since tea tree oil can sometimes be drying and irritating on the skin if you mix more than what your skin can take.

Tea tree oil can put an end to your acne worries if used with consistency and caution on its adverse effects. It can be used on fresh acne, to speed up healing and to prevent dark marks and scars. Although the old ones may take more time to address, the correct combination of tea tree oil home care and readily available skincare can be your skin’s holy grail.

Usman RazaAuthor: Usman Raza is a freelance writer, marketing specialist at Keeva Organics and co-founder of Usman Digital Media. When not working, he’s probably spending time with his family. Follow him on Facebook @usmanraza40 and Twitter @usmanintrotech.

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  1. I had very bad hormonal acne. Inflammation, redness & even acne marks on my cheeks. Tiny bumps on my forehead. Dermal.MD anti acne serum worked really really well!!

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