Can Indian People Wager Online?

The Internet was one of the biggest inventions of the modern era. It opened doors to industries and possibilities we never thought are possible. Thanks to it, people can shop, pay bills, navigate through streets, etc. online. Many new job opportunities were also up for grabs. One of the industries that were massively influenced by the rise of the Internet was the online betting industry. It gained massive popularity in the past couple of years. Millions of people around the world started favoring online bookies far more than land-based. Such is the case with India.

wager online bettingIndia is one of the most sought out markets when it comes to online betting and online gambling. But, its relationship with the law is quite complicated, which is why we wanted to dive into this topic and explain everything that you need to know. We’ll also include our top pick as the best bookie and explain why people are so keen on visiting these sites.

The Government’s Stance

The Public Gambling Act of India prohibits online betting. But, people still manage to take part in this activity and face no consequences. Why? Well, since this type of activity is still new to the world, many governments have trouble regulating it. India is included in this category. Although Indian-based sites are not allowed to operate and they are easy to regulate, offshore betting sites can offer their services to the people. And since the activity is hardly regulated, millions of Indians place bets on various sports online every day. India is one of the most sought out markets for online betting and gambling.

Betway is One of the Most Trusted Bookies

One of the most reputable and most trusted online bookies in India and the world is Betway. It is licensed by both the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. Betway offers numerous options when it comes to sports betting.

You can wager your money on football, cricket, basketball, tennis, horse racing, and even eSports. Several currencies are accepted and there are many deposit options available. Bet India’s review of Betway will help you learn more about this bookie and understand why they are our top pick, so make sure you give it a read.

Bonuses and Other Great Features

The reason why online bookies are loved by so many Indians is that they offer great features. First of all, thanks to the lack of regulations, Indians can wager on their favorite sports teams and players online. Online bookies also offer great odds and can be accessed at any time and place. All you need is a stable Internet connection. Finally, they have tons of promotions like a bonus on winnings, free bets, etc. – they cannot be found at any land-based bookie. All players need to do is learn how to bet online and register on these sites (a process which lasts just a minute).

Online Casinos’ Case is Similar

We also figured that it would be interesting to mention that the Public Gambling Act prohibits gambling in all but three provinces in India. Online gambling is also illegal, but since their status is identical to the online bookies, people are more than happy to visit online casinos. They don’t have to travel to one of the provinces where gambling is legal. These sites also have great promotions, offer better payout percentages, have hundreds of games in their vaults, and can be accessed at any time and place. Furthermore, they are supplied to buy some of the world’s best game providers, so players are always in for a treat and a unique gaming experience whenever they visit these sites.

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