Callous Indifference or an unforeseen murder?- A spectator’s account

When 3000 stand in unison..the voice was heard!

Enraged! Demanding ! Immovable. The students set standards when they get together and voice their opinion. Something similar was witnessed in front of the Manipal edu building on 15th march after the sad demise of an MIT student due to indifference on the behalf of the authorities. The occurrence of this ignominious event has swept the students of all institutions in a tide of anger.

A huge crowd  consisting of MIT students gathered in front of the edu building in the evening and yelled sans modesty to get Madam Kumkum Garg sacked by hook or by crook. The KMC library was evacuated and shut while more and more students, from all institutions,  gathered in support. Slogans were shouted of “ We want Resignation”  and bottles were pelted at the authorities in fury.

The administrative staff, when finally appeared (including the who’s who like the VC, The CSO among others) tried to play with the student mentality once more by offering a three day leave and later The Joint Director taking over in the absence of Ms. Kumkum Garg while she is sent on leave. The very idea behind the leave was to dissipate the built up anger because the crowd won’t turn up in equal numbers if given a holiday. But this time the students were far from getting appeased. The student council intervened and asked the students to protest peacefully, while they passed water to sustain the protest for the night.

We Want Resignation Banner
When 3000 stand in unison..the voice was heard!

Ironically, in stark contrast to the Annual Day celebrations in KMC greens, there was crowd of about a 1000 students or more fighting for a cause not even 200 meters away.

Finally , around 9 pm Ms. Kumkum Garg resigned to the  delight of the students and later the crowd dispersed. Among all the grievances, a cause was supported and a  mission was accomplished!

But this doesn’t end here, its time the authorities put serious thought into getting better facilities for students – more buses , patient drivers (most of them are Schumacher’s disguised) and safe transports are a few among others.

Incidences of such grave magnitude are better if not repeated or else the music they’ll have to face will get louder the next time!

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