Bridgin presents ‘Anekdota’- A collection of 7 short reflective stories.

About Bridgin:

Bridgin is an empowering organisation which works with children and empowers them to become the decision makers and the change makers.

Why work with children?

Think of this. We have ‘N’ number of problems in our country. Be it small issues like ‘breaking traffic rules’ or major issues like ‘corruption’ or ‘rape’. Just punishing an individual who commits these crimes is not enough. By doing so we might stop few people for committing the crime but it will not resolve the problems at root level. Putting an end to such issues takes some time and effort. Children of today are our country’s future. So, why not mould them from a very young age on what they can do to make our nation a better place and how they should not give in to such issues. If the children are moulded from their young age, what they learn will grow with them and will make them better citizens of our country.

How does Bridgin do this?

Bridgin works with children across various schools and forms a ‘Bridgin Leadership Committee’ in the schools. The ‘Bridgin Leadership Committee’ includes children of the school and a Bridgin mentor, who is a young leader who volunteers with Bridgin. The Bridgin mentor works closely with the children year around and moulds and nurtures them into a strong force who wants to solve the various problems/issue they come across in their day-to-day lives as well as the problems they see in the society. The children are inspired to become the decision makers and change makers.
This Program will help children to become positive force and provide them a platform to develop various skills like –  Decision Making, Leadership, Compassionate, Problem Solving, Dedication, Creativity, Team Work, Speaking, Listening, Presentation skills, Entrepreneurial skills, Time Management, Focus, Confident etc. These skills which the children develop voluntarily on their own with mentor’s guidance will also help them to do better in their academics, also make them better individuals and inspiring leaders.

About this Play(Anekdota):

Ramya, the founder of Bridgin says, ART speaks a thousands words. Art can trigger people’s mind and make them think. Art can fight against all the disturbances in our society and change it for better. As part of Bridgin we have a program called ‘Kala’ through we want to use Art as a medium for individuals to express their views and give out essential message to others.
Our theatre play ‘Anekdota’ is a collection of short plays directed and performed by a group of passionate children and youngsters. Anekdota consists of 7 short plays each one of different emotion and expression about various issues around us. These plays will make you laugh and take a message back home.
Each of these plays focus on different issue. These plays are not preachy. In fact, we have made sure that our viewers laugh as they watch the play. In the play we show how most of the people around us are. We will show how 7 various issues are affecting us and our society and it is left to people who watch it to decide how they will act open these issues.
We have an act about ‘Cleanliness’, where children will show the regular not so clean habits most of us follow. There is an act called ‘Intervention’ which show how easily we get addicted to things and how difficult it is to get out of it. Then there is an act about ‘Gender Bias’ which shows how most of us always judge a women and decide on how she should behave. We have an act about ‘Superstition’ which depicts how we blindly follow certain beliefs. A monologue about ‘Mother Earth’, an intense play where the earth tells her agony. A monologue on ‘Fear’, by a fear patton on how to overcome fear. And a play about ‘Corruption’ which describes who each one of us can do much to curb corruption.
The children who are part of the play attended theatre workshop under the guidance of Mr.Vinod Kumar, the versatile mime director and actor. Then we brought in several young minds who were ready to express their views through their powerful acting.
Immense confidence in today’s children and youth to do what they set out their mind on is what made Ramya put this play together. She says that by performing the play children are not just putting a message out there for others but they are also developing themselves from within. They become more confident about themselves. As most of these children are from below average families they get to see and believe how important their actions are on our society.
And coming to the youngsters, Ramya says, ‘Well, they will surely keep your eyes glued to stage with their powerful acting’.
The Theatre Play will be staged on 28th February 2015 at Rangasthala, Rangoli Art Centro, Metro Station, M G Road. The first show will start at 5 PM and the second show will start at 7 PM on 28th February.

Why you all should come and watch the show?

By being part of the show you not only enjoy the performances by the children and youngsters but you are also contributing positively for the organisation. The funds raised through this show will go towards the organisation and help Bridgin to reach out to more children.
Hope to see many of you on 28th Feb 2015. Tickets are available on
For more details about the organisation you could check,

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