Breaks My Heart – A Poem by Meghna Venkatesh

breaks my heart

It breaks my heart,

To see children hungry;

Not because of tantrums,

But because of poverty.

It breaks my heart,

To see grandparents on the street,

At the dusk of their life;

Experiencing the worst time of their life.

It breaks my heart,

To see teenagers pick up a weapon;

Instead of a pen, because of stress.

It breaks my heart,

To see people divided;

Into countries, religions and castes.

This world, this cruel world,

Breaks my heart;

And I don’t know how long there is left,

Before it breaks me.

About the Poet: Meghna photo MDMeghna is a student writer from Hyderabad who finds joy in writing. She is an ambivert who loves hiding in libraries and hogging on food. She is currently working on improving her content and making a difference in the world, little by little.

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