Straight Outta Manipal: Branch Change

MUOETs are done, and you have your score. Your ranks will be announced and you’ll get the according to your score. Getting into more sought after branches mean you’ll need a better rank than your peers. Even after your counselling and admission is done, here are 2 ways you can change your branch in the college. One is waitlisting for the branch you want and other is the Change of Branch after your first year. The takeaway here is simply that do not come to a college relying on a branch change.

Getting a less sought after branch in a branch change is much easier. But a big problem is how people assume branch change depends on a static ‘cut off’.

The branch cut off is calculated after the all shifts have been done. Change of a branch is only subject to vacancies. So let’s say you want a spot in Civil engineering. You will get this only if there is an available spot in civil engineering. If there is no spot, you wont get this upgrade even if you have a 10 CGPA.

Now lets say there is a spot available in Civil. The question you ask is, how was this spot created? Many ways. The simplest is that someone left the course. This happens sometimes. In this case, of all the people who wanna change to civil, the person with the highest CGPA gets it. But let’s say no one leaves civil. Can you still get it? Yes! Only if someone in civil wants to shift to another branch, which would then create a vacancy that you would fill in. But for that person to get another branch, this other branch needs to have a vacancy itself. Getting my point?

A simple scenario is a double swap. Say you are in Civil and you want CS and a guy in CS wants Civil. This is easy, provided the GPA allows it for both people, and there isn’t anyone else who wants it. And such a swap is often easy for the CS guy, since there are always more people who want to shift from civil to cs than from cs to civil. But if a double swap happens, you as a MT student got no scope to fill that hole. Say all other branches have no vacancies, you want civil, the CS  guy wants civil and the civil guy wants CS, the CS guy gets Civil and the Civil guy gets CS, irrespective of their GPA. Even if you have a higher GPA than the CS guy, you won’t get Civil.

Being in the say, Media Technologt branch, it becomes even tougher since people who wanna shift to PM in the 2nd year is extremely low, one of the lowest as compared to the other branches I’d say. In such a case, your best option is a chain swap, something like civil guy wants cs, cs guy wants aero, aero guy wants PM and you want civil. Now this is easy. But even in this rat race, there could be a PM guy with a higher GPA than you and he gets priority.

The branch change procedure is quite complicated and its always easier to move from a branch in more demand to a branch in less demand than the other way around.

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