Brains, Body or Bank Account?

What attracts you to a guy? Would you consider a fat guy only because his bank account is fat? Or does a man qualify once his body makes the grade, though his mind fails to stimulate you?

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According to psychologists, the answer to this question has a lot to do with how you were conditioned as a child.  Growing up, your parents would have instilled certain things in you-when looking for a man, these are the qualifications. Many times we also pattern our choices after our parents.

Some women choose a guy solely based on money because they see him as “a means to an end”.  It’s a way to elevate their social status and gain acceptance from a group who would not normally take them on. There is that need to be recognised and validated, which stems out of insecurity. Others feel that it is their just due, a reward when everything else in life has failed them. Then you have those who want to keep within their social class so that they cannot be seen with a man of ‘lesser’ standing.

There are other things that psycologists deems as far more important in sustaining a relationship; the quality of the person’s mind and their personality.  Trust, care and compassion–not only to you but to others around them.  They should also be a good companion, able to communicate effectively, logically and sensibly, and possesses a sense of balance and measure of spirituality.

Psychologists also disregard  the notion that men with money treat women any worse. Men treat women the way they were treated themselves. As for men who are into their physical appearance,  they tend to be self-centred and compulsive in their behaviours. Such men feel that the whole world revolves around them. For many of them, it’s about looks rather than health and wellness.

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