Bound till eternity- Entry no 6(Paranormal Romance)

Her scream pierced through my head and woke me   from my dream. I could sense her  fear . Kate and I, Mia have been best friends since kindergarten  and  after  a narrow escape with some vampires in which she had nearly been killed we shared a bond now. The bond is a gift as I can feel her thoughts.

I got up from my bed and sat next to Kate calming her down. Her hair was slick with sweat . I used the emotion spell to make her calm. Slowly as the energy rushed out of me I could feel her fear ebb away. I lay on her bed feeling exhausted with the magic I had just used. Kate and I have been on our own for nearly three years. We were in a senior campus just trying to finish high school.

Kate soon came up with chocolate and slowly I felt energy surge in me. We went back to sleep soon and faced the next day of school. Kate hung out with her boyfriend Mason. I could feel her love as she spoke to him and the pleasure she experienced when he kissed her. They were both anticipating this weekend as they had planned to “do it”. Shuddering   I tried to put up a mental wall. Kate is a human whereas I’m a practicing witch and Mason’s a mediator.

It happened all of a sudden after school. It was dark and the three of us were walking back. Within seconds vampires were chasing us.  They were invincible. Mason and I used our powers to ward them off. It was worthless as there were many and we were knocked out.  Mason and I sprawled to Kate. She looked pale.  We realized the reason soon. Kate was a ghost now.

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