Both sexes victims of double standard

Double standards have plagued and angered women for ages. When the first man claimed there was a difference between the girls he “played around ” with and the girls he brought home to meet mother, double standards were born.
There are millions of examples. For instance, women in charge are called “bossy ” or “bitchy.” Men in charge are “authoritative.” Men have charm, women flirt. Men who date a lot “get around.”Women who date a lot are “sleazy”.
Double standards used on women are quite obvious, yet there is something which remains overlooked. Many double standards exist for men, and are not as obvious.

Female virgins are praised. They are called virtuous and decent. Hear the term “male virgin” (are there any?) and people think there is something wrong. People assume. “He couldn’t get a piece.” I guess. How many men wear make-up? When men do, it is assumed that they are a transvestite, gay or just vain. Yet. women have been wearing cosmetics for years. The enormous profits that cosmetics companies make !!
Quiet, studious girls are thought of as “sweet and shy.” Quiet, studious guys are “poindexters, dorks and queeks.” Women have been wearing men’s clothing for ages. It is considered fashionable. Tuxedos, ties and short hair have all been seen around campus. Men wouldnt be caught dead coming to school in a dress. The ones which carry purse-like bags get teased enough.
Women with deep voices sound “husky ” or “sexy.” Men with high voices sound “fruity”” or “gay”.
Everyone is talking about the “sexual revolution.” Women want to have the freedom to ask men out on dates and buy them drinks in bars. But when the check arrives, who pays? Usually the men; it is expected.
There is no justification for double standards. It is obvious, women are not the only ones suffering from them. Only when individuals realize the truth will they become obsolete.

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