Book Review: You Can Achieve More


Title:  You Can Achieve More
Language: English
Author: Shiv Khera
Genre: Self-Help

Publisher:  Bloomsbury India (2018)
ISBN-13: 978-9386349064
Binding: Paperback
Price: Rs. 259 (Buy from Flipkart)
Pages: 296

Synopsis: As with most self-help books, the book covers the three pillars that make the life of every human being on this planet. Health, Wealth and the glue that binds these together – good relationships. Shiv Khera has reviewed the life of many successful individuals and worked out what makes their lives successful. I suggest that if you’re in a situation where you feel stagnated, this is one book that will get you back to the achiever you can be!

Detailed Review: You know when you are down, you feel there’s no way to get back in the game? You know when you feel you’ve stagnated in your life and you cannot achieve all the things you wanted to? I was in that position a few months ago. I was discussing this with a very senior colleague at the office and was wondering how these self-help book writers keep churning out ‘shit’ and make so much money!

Well, I have realized that even though these books have nothing new to say, it’s the way that they say these things are that separates one from the other! These books just say the basics that make us want to do the stuff again and get back on our feet and push our limits! Shiv Khera’s “You Can Achieve more” is a book for stagnated people. Shiv Khera Living by DesignThe simple telling of the truth helps you understand the gaps in your perception of what’s going on and will help you start facing the realities in your life. You Can Achieve More  is ideal for people who are stuck in crossroads of life, knowing and wanting to achieve more, but being clueless about how to. You can’t read this book in one sitting, this is not a capsule of success but it requires a practice, a slow reading on a daily basis.

The book is neatly divided into 23 chapters, each chapter adding a layer of complexity and simplicity together that will hopefully make you kick habits that are holding you back from achieving more!

Book Blurb:  A person with a positive attitude cannot be stopped and a person with a negative attitude cannot be helped. Both success and failure have a limited lifespan. Success is neither a miracle nor a mystery. It does not depend upon special skills, formal education or superior intelligence. It is the natural outcome of consistently applying certain principles on an ongoing basis. The ultimate goal is to sustain success and eliminate failure.

Acquiring facts is knowledge, understanding facts is comprehension, and the proper application of facts is wisdom. The principles in this book can help you to:
1. Live by design, not by default
2. Gain confidence and optimize your potential
3. Become proactive and develop a winning attitude
4. Balance your health, wealth and relationships
5. Overcome day-to-day problems and make better decisions
6. Make positive choices and avoid pitfalls
The secret to a meaningful life is in your hands. Through inspiring ideas and basic values, this book will help empower you to Achieve More and become unstoppable.

1. Clear and thoughtful ways to help you get back on your feet and push yourself to achieve more.

1. As with all self-help books, just reading this will not help you. You need to put these into practice!

Who will enjoy this? Something that will help put things into perspective for all those achievers who are looking for more inspiration!

Buy or Don’t Buy? Definite buy from me!

You can buy from Flipkart.

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