BMW Service Syracuse: How To Take Good Care Of Your BMW

BMW Car Engine Exposed

Owning and driving a BMW is an exhilarating experience. It has precise mechanical engineering combined with a rich driving heritage. This is why investing in excellent BMW service in Syracuse is essential.

In this quick guide, we take a look at how you can take care of your BMW M54 engine and increase the lifespan of many of its important internal parts

Take Your Car In For Regular Maintenance 

One of the best ways that you can take good care of your car, regardless if it’s a BMW or not, is by having regular maintenance. However, one has to remember that since a BMW has more specialized parts, taking it to a qualified mechanic and auto professional that specializes in the brand is advisable.

Places like Cantech Auto employ mechanics that are experienced in BMW service in Syracuse. They’re more knowledgeable on model specifics. Vehicle owners are assured that they know how to handle the quirks of the brand.

A regular maintenance check – or preventive maintenance – is crucial because it allows professionals to have a look at all aspects of your vehicle to determine roadworthiness. This can even help you with your mileage if you’re saving money on gas.

Another important reason to take your car in for preventive maintenance is to make sure that there isn’t a potential issue with your vehicle that could be disruptive to your driving experience down the road. It saves you more money to identify potential problems earlier rather than later when a small anomaly could cause more damage to your vehicle.Working On A Car

Keep Your Car Clean 

Car cleanliness doesn’t only allow your car to stand out from an aesthetic point of view, but it comes with a lot of benefits, too. By keeping your car clean, you get to take care of the various delicate materials that were used in the manufacturing process of your BMW – especially in the interior.

Leather deserves proper care and cleaning areas where there’s frequent human contact. Also, the cleaner your car is the more you’re inclined to take care of out in the long run.

Don’t Abuse Your Car 

Pushing your car to its limits might be fun, but incessant reckless driving will cause unnecessary wear-and-tear on your vehicle. Your BMW is designed to be operated with speed and precision, but unnecessary recklessness, such as lousy driving practices, will cause your mechanical parts to wear down sooner rather than later.

Replacing parts costs money. By merely being responsible on the road, you can save yourself thousands of dollars in replacement parts and repair costs in the future.

Protect Your Car When It’s Not In Use

If you park your car under a shade, you get to preserve the exterior and interiors of your vehicle from the elements, especially the damaging effects of the sun.

When your car has no access to shades, make sure that you use sunshades to protect the leather in the interior and to keep colors inside the car from fading. It’s always advisable to park your car in a garage to protect it from extreme hot or cold temperatures, which could also cost unnecessary wear-and-tear on mechanical parts.

Regularly Check Your Fluids  

Your gas gauge shouldn’t be the only thing that you’re paying attention to. Other fluids in your car also allow for the normal function of your vehicle. By checking your brake fluids and engine oils, you get to make sure that your car works in optimum conditions. Older models may also have steering ATF fluids that you have to check.

Checking after winter is also an excellent time to inspect all your fluids.

Check Your Tires

Tires are necessarily the only contact that your car should have on the road. Due to this, it pays to make sure that your tires are in good condition. Tires with inadequate treads will no longer maximize your grip on the road and could potentially be dangerous to your driving experience.

Pay Attention to What You Hear and Feel When You Drive 

One of the best ways for a BMW owner to find out if there’s something wrong with their car is to pay attention to the way it sounds and feels on the road. If your vehicle isn’t driving regularly, feels stiff, or if you hear something that just doesn’t sound right, it’s probably time that you take in for maintenance.

Leaving an issue unchecked leads to more problems down the line. 


Taking good care of your BMW is worth it in the long run. Make sure you’re regular with your checks up and that you look for excellent BMW service in Syracuse.

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