BITSAT FAQs: Civil Engineering

How is Civil Engineering in Birla Institute of Technical Sciences?

What are its positive and negative sides?

Civil Engineering is considered as the mother of engineering. There is good scope for placement in foreign countries.

Positives: Civil is a core branch  which means the branch has a lot of scope in future, like you can get into R&D or you can continue in the constructor sector etc. Most subjects start from scratch, which makes them easy to learn. Additionally, number of hours is low and grading is pretty fair: on the whole, it’s probably one of the easiest-to-cope-with branches.

Negatives: As I already mentioned that it’s a core branch which also means the initial pay will be less as compared to other core branches but it will increase exponentially if you continue in this branch. Faculty is also mixed – don’t expect equally good teachers in every subject. Also, research in Hyderabad is primarily on water resources. So do some homework on both faculty and research projects for next session by yourself before deciding.

What you will learn in Civil Engineering, and what are the nearest JEE topics to them?

Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Kinematics, Forces and Free Body Diagrams

What are good dual options with Civil Engineering and why?

MSc Physics/Economics/Biology +B.E (Hons) Civil might be a good combination

There are not too many common courses but those who are interested in multidisciplinary research Biology or Physics+Civil is a good option.

Economics, if you are interested in costing, scheduling, optimization of the cost – is good dual to go with.

What is the scope of Civil Engineering in future?

Generally people who take civil try for some IT companies and get placed also but this isn’t the ideal way.

Students who sit for civil placements (L&T s the main dream company for civil, don’t get excited it gives you a job offer of 5.1 lakhs pa), generally study for further study in Civil.

Some of the scopes are mentioned below: Designing, Construction, Planning, Analysis etc.

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