BITS Pilani FAQs: B.Pharm

How is the B.Pharm at BITS?

What are its positive and negative sides?

The course is quite good. But the main drawback is that the chances of getting a good job right after B.Pharm (in the discipline itself) would be difficult. At least M.Pharm will have to be completed.

There are a lot of lab related courses and these will have compulsory attendance, as opposed to all the other courses.


  1. Very practical.
  2. Being a life science, if you are able to appreciate the subject, you’ll love it.
  3. Lots of scope for research.
  4. BITS is one among the best places to do Bpharm and I think it’s one among the few places where a particular branch of pharma;related to jurisdiction is dealt with a lot of insight.


  1. Very slight chances of getting placed immediately after final year. Even if placed, payroll is very less for a graduate.
  2. Course is laden with labs. A lot.
  3. Have to deal with a bit of Bio, chem. (I can’t actually put it into ‘cons’. It depends on the person)

What you will learnin B.Pharm at BITS, and what are the nearest JEE topics to them?

  1. Medicinal chemistry- needs very basics of Organic chemistry. Most of it will be covered here though.
  2. Pharmaceutics: I don’t think it’s related to any of the courses covered in the preparation for IIT. It’s full of logic.
  3. Pharmacology: kind of like Biology.
  4. Microbiology: the name says it all. Micro organisms and all.
  5. Forensic pharmacy: deals with jurisdiction, industrial laws and norms, FDA regulations etc. very cool stuff. :p
  6. Pharmaceutical Analysis: basics of chemistry like Chromatography, titration techniques etc.
  7. Physical pharmacy: kind of like physical chemistry.
  8. Biochemistry

What is the scope of B.Pharm in future?

It’s possible to get jobs related to analysis in the field, but there probably aren’t a lot of opportunities to improve the career with just B. Pharm. Finishing M.Pharm and preferably a PhD can get good jobs, even abroad.

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