Best Time Management tips during SAT test

The SAT test is approaching and you have mastered the topics but every time you are out there practicing the mock test, time seems to be flying! Sounds relatable? Well then, my friend you need to work on your time management skills instead of fretting and fuming every time you fail to complete the test within the given time. If you are constantly struggling while browsing through questions and find yourself baffled while the clock won’t stop ticking then this might be a good read for you! So let us look into some smart ways of utilizing your time while writing the SAT test.time-management-tips-during-sat

Don’t rush through sections

As you know there is no penalty for skipping a section and so you do not have to rush while moving from one section to another just to get done with it right away. Choosing 3 wrong answers in 4 minutes does not make sense if you can get 2 of them right in the same amount of time. Thus, you should give considerable time to a particular section as and when required.

Read the reading comprehension only once

Most of us read the comprehension section twice. Once before reading the questions and once after reading the questions to spot the answer. While this is a conventional way but is not efficient and you can tackle the questions in a better way. This is how you go about it: Read the questions first and see which section is focused on and then go to that particular section to find out the answer, by doing so you can save your time which would otherwise be consumed in going through the entire passage to find the answer.

Stop stressing out over time

Most of your time will be consumed in checking how much time is left and so instead of checking the time you should simply focus on the task at hand and get it done quickly. Thus checking the time constantly can actually waste your time. Ironical, but true!


You need to know when exactly you have to use calculator or pen and paper. At times a huge amount of time is spent on doing the calculations which can be minimized using the calculators. You should also know when exactly you need to use mental math or pen and paper.

Know the paper pattern

It is crucial to know the pattern of the test as it will help you in prioritizing your approach towards the test. You need to be aware of the different sections and the composition of each section. This will save the time you might have wasted on figuring out how the sections are structured and how to go about it.


Always solve the difficult part first and then you can deal with the easy part later on. If you do it the other way round, then it will be very time consuming to solve the difficult questions towards the end of the test.

Know your targets

Unless you are aiming for a perfect score of 800, you do not have to attempt every question. You can keep your target as 80% of the score and achieve it making your score 650 rather than aiming for an 800 and getting 500 because of improper management of time. This is another way of saving time in your SAT exam.

Plan your essay writing

If you spend some time on writing the outline of the essay, then writing the actual essay will become easy and less time consuming. If you want to increase your accuracy along with managing your time, then you can do it by targeting these scores as follows:

700: You can leave 1/12th questions blank.

600: You can leave 1/4th questions blank.

500: You can leave 1/3rd questions blank.

Thus, by keeping these points in mind you can manage your time efficiently which will be directly linked to your scores. In case you need any professional help, you can approach SAT Coaching which will help you get professional guidance regarding your preparation. So good luck and hurry up before the time is up!

Bio: Krishnali Mishra is a Study Abroad Consultant by profession at Krishna Consultants. She is passionate about education, careers, and giving advice to students looking for education abroad.

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