How to Find the Best Chilliwack Landscaping and Abbotsford Landscaping Company

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One thing about owning a big yard is that you will have to do frequent maintenance if you want it to stay clean 24/7. And for many homeowners, this can be a big deal, especially if they have busy schedules week in and week out. But you don’t have to work from home before you can give serious consideration to your landscaping. You can hire guys that specialize in lawn care to handle the details for you.

However, if what you need is the best Chilliwack and Abbotsford landscaping company to work with, there are several reliable businesses in town you can choose from. However, before you go looking for a contractor to hire for your lawn maintenance, you would want to take serious consideration of getting the best services.

Deciding What to do with Your Landscape

Where the challenge begins for most people is deciding on what to do with their front or backyard. There isn’t any wrong way to decorating your home, but there are certain features you want to include. So, it is best to work with a hardscaping and landscaping professional to decide on what exactly should be added in your yard.

There are several ways to decide what goes into your building project, and it begins right from the planning stage. You have to work out a design plan for new building construction and would also require one when carrying major remodeling to your home.

The building plan makes it easy to know where each structure should be when working with a virgin plot. In the case of a remodel, you still want to get a sketch of the yard and where you want each fixture. Some of the things to note during the planning stage of landscaping include

Available Space

Your back or front yard space should be able to support all the big things you have planned for your lawn. You want to have enough ventilation indoors, so there has to be room for aeration and natural light to enter the house. There are ways to work around a tight backyard, so you should check with an expert in the field to help work out the best way to decorate your space.

Weather Condition

The weather and climate conditions in your area would come in useful in deciding what to do with your landscape. This will help determine the type of grass and flowers to plant in your lawn. It will also play a significant role when it comes to choosing additional features to use in your yard. You can find more tips here,, about choosing the right grasses for your lawn.


How much are you willing to spend on uplifting your front and back yard. Having a budget makes it easier to determine what to add in your lawn, and if you plan something big, you should budget big. You may have to work with a landscaper if you have no idea how much it will cost you to get the job done. If you plan something big, you should plan upwards of $10,000.

Landscaping Features to Consider

What would you like to have in your landscape? The list is endless, as there are countless ways to go about decorating your living space. But when it comes to the best front and backyards, below are some of the things you want to consider are

Choose Green Plants

Adding additional vegetation to your living space is a great way to improve the air and keep the area organized. You can start by installing lawn grass and some flowers around your perimeter. Endeavor to choose grasses and flowers that are adaptable to the weather and climate of your region.

Consider Outdoor Sitting

Another thing you may want to include is outdoor sitting for your landscape. There are several ways to go about it, so you should consult with your contractors if you intend to add seats outside your house. There are suggestions here on choosing outdoor seating ideas to consider.

Wooden options would be good if you get minimum rainfall during the year, but for areas with torrential weather should consider concrete seating options. Still, you want to consult with your landscaping company on the best options for you.

Add Lighting

You want to add additional security into your landscape, and the first step to securing the area is to add light fittings to brighten up the place. You could consider installing cameras also, but that will only possible if you already have adequate lighting in place. So you want to ensure you get this one right.

Consider Stone Works

You can include stone works for pathways and also have other rock features in your landscape. This can work well in a large backyard where you need a path to lead to the garden. You can equally use stones to accent your driveways.

As mentioned earlier, you can do many things with your yard, and the best approach is to seek professional counsel from a reputable landscaping company.

Hiring a Landscaping Company in Chilliwack and Abbotsfordlandscaping company working

You want to start by looking for referrals from those close to you. So you should ask your relatives if they know any business they can refer you to. It is best to work with reliable contractors, and you can be sure when you get suggestions from those close to you.

There is also the option of using the internet to find professional services near you, but you want to be extra careful when hiring contractors online.

Check that they have the experience required to deliver the quality you need, so you should check their past work to get an idea of what to expect. There are more tips on this website,, on what a good looking lawn should look like.

Also, you should conclude on the price of the job from your contractors. This will make it possible for you to find one that fits into your budget.

Final Note

You should check with a professional landscaping company if you need lawn design and maintenance in Chilliwack and Abbotsford. You should have an idea of how you want the yard to look like once it is completed.

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