Art of Writing: Tips Which You Have Never Read Before

Writing is an art but I believe it can also be taught. There are some people who just seem to give the audience what they want and some who need a little help. No matter where you find yourself, there is still some tips that are not as common as others.

Just start writing

Even if you do not feel like writing, it is important to just start. Open the typing document and start typing. You may feel like the most uncreative person at that time but you don’t stop. Just remember, you can always go back and edit later but for now you just need to break through the rut. Even word written is practice so do not see it as a waste of time. You will become a better writer by writing often. Most successful authors have an amount of words they write each day. Yes, every day. You can improve so much if you don’t just write when you’re in the mood. Push through the moments of writer’s block (which I believe is a myth) and watch out for the amazing latter part of your writing.

Break any patterns

We all have a way we write. Many times, we use the same typing platform, we write about the same things and we even have a format in our heads of how things are going to flow. How about you switch that up completely and challenge yourself a little. Try writing with a pen on paper. You will be surprised how much effort it takes but also how amazingly inspirational it is. It somehow transports me to times when life was simpler. I think about all the writers who once had this as the only means to produce the stories we love today. Perhaps buy an old typewriter, fix it up and see how that works for you. Writing is all about finding your inspiration and putting it down on paper. This is a great way to find that inspiration.lady in front of computer

Write something technical

If you are someone who always writes about light-hearted topics or stays within the niche that you are comfortable with, take a break. How about writing a literature review? If you are not in school now, ask a friend to share a topic with you and you write an APA lit review. Why would you do that, you ask? When you are in a comfort zone it is important to switch it up so that your brain is challenged. You can become lazy as a writer and by changing the topic drastically, you become a better writer with time. Even after you return to your normal style of writing, you will see the benefits of the challenge.

Take the norm and prove it wrong

There are many facts out there today. Not all of those facts are proven or even correct. How about you read up on one fact a day that seems just a little off. Try and write a piece where you completely disagree with the chosen fact. It may seem pointless at first but you will become a great researcher. Become a private investigator for a while and dig as deep as you can. As a writer, you provide information and details. If you are not a good researcher, you might soon run out of something to write. Even the best writers study their characters, environments and circumstances to produce the most in depth novels. You should always question every fact you put your name on.


Becoming the best writer out there is possible. You just have to do some ground work and practice. Sure, some people are naturally brilliant writers but even they have moments of doubt. You are good enough and with time of your side, you can be everything you work hard for.


About the Author: Linda Jellison works as a content manager. Her hobby is travelling, reading and guest post writing. She was a top student and now she shares her experience with other students.

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