Are you the one whom I loved?


It hurts me when I weep and you are not there

blue heart1

It hurts me when you talk to them and not to me

It hurts me when I am waiting and you are unaware

It hurts me when you have other priorities than me

It hurts me when I find all your commitments are in vain

It hurts me when I realise I don’t matter you anymore

It hurts me when I am going far but you won’t bother  to hold me

But somewhere still I find the pain throbbing in your heart…

Whatever you do..wherever you are… I still reside in your every breath..

It even hurts me more when I realise some moment you are pining to embrace me in your arms..

When you love me and I am so rude

When you care and I am not just listening

When you are so good and I am so bad

Every time when I wake up and I don’t find your hands in mine

I am cognizant that time has fetched this destiny for us

And I am still thankful to the sweet memories which you brought to my life

But someday you will wake up from your fantasies and apprehend

How far are we from each other and how distant we have walked alone

As we all need time to be alone, to think, to dream…….. to wonder


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