Are we really our choices? – A gentle rejoinder

 In response to – Are we really our choices?

I wonder will it be good if we have too much choices? It really depends…
Well, I have something to say to that.

 A choice.Can you feel the reasoning, the logical stances, the rational arguments going on in your brain right now, which has just lead you to make a choice of continuing to read this article? There, you made the choice again.

Everyday, every minute, every second, we are faced with a choice, now or later, this or that, as you already have read. And every moment, you are faced with a situation to make a choice. This, if you haven’t realized yet, is impacting our life, changing the course of it, however small it may be. If I hadn’t made a choice of writing this right now, I would have been doing something else, which would have changed what I would have been doing two minutes later, in turn changed what I would have been doing ten minutes later and so on..

Let me give you a ‘For instance’,
which happened even as I started to write this post. I read Vishaal’s post, and decided to put in an addition, or should I say, I chose to write a rejoinder, but since I din’t have lunch(which was a choice I made earlier in the day), I am hungry and I have to get something to eat, immediately. Being lazy as I am, I choose to give food court a skip and go to the night canteen. When I reach there, I find the night  canteen is closed, and there is a bus waiting right outside the hostel. Lets freeze here. This a juncture where I very consciously make a choice. Either, I take the bus, go to Food court and eat. Or, I can go back to the room and come back to the night canteen at a later time. The decision I make, is a result of how hungry I am, how lazy I am. (As for what choice I made, keep guessing).

My point is, whether we want it or not, we are all part of a large system with inevitable choices. We make choices, we choose, consciously or unconsciously, every moment. Our lives our controlled by these choices we make. “I wonder will it be good if we have too much choices.”-Dear Vishaal, we really are, our choices.

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