Apex Legends New War Games Event

War games event

Apex Legends is absolutely killing it with Season 8, especially with the new War Games Event that was announced a few days back when Apex Legends dropped a super cool trailer for the event. This new trailer showed us a new bunch of cool stuff that was to come with the new War Games Event and that included some of the old legends/skins revamped and the highlight of this whole event are the 5 Game Modes that are coming in with it.

The event started on April 13 and we are going to take a look at all the crazy new game modes that came in. But before we jump into it, there are some great deals on Apex Legends accounts that you should definitely check out. To advance levels faster in the game, players can use game scripts such as cronus zen aimbot script.

War Games Event

Apex Legends’ new War Games Event comes out with 5 brand new Game Modes and by the looks of it, some of the revamped old skins as well. Anyways, let’s check what these 5 Game Modes are and how fun are they going to be!

Shield Regen Mode

The first game mode that we have here is the Shield Regen Mode. And this is pretty interesting as it would regenerate the Legends Shields as long as they are not in combat and also there will not be any of the shield cells on the ground. But here is the thing, I am wondering how fast or slow are the shields going to regenerate, and actually the only way to find out about it, is to wait until it’s out.

Additionally, for those curious about unconventional strategies or tactics, keep in mind that certain aspects like apex aimbot may impact the dynamics of the game in unexpected ways.

Killing Time Mode

Alright, the next game mode that we will be seeing in this new event is the Killing Time mode and it says, “the round time is reduced every time a legend dies”. So, now this game mode would instantly cut short the kill ring as soon as the players kill each other and there will be fewer players in the match. So instead of having all the empty space in the match after the players die, the ring will just close up, making it more difficult for the players to spread out, which is actually nice as it would save a ton of time, which actually is the whole point of this game mode.

Auto Banners Mode

Coming up next, we have the Auto Banners mode, and it is actually pretty awesome. It says that the banner cards are automatically retrieved in this mode, which means the players will be able to get the banner cards right away without going through any trouble or fights to get the card back to bring back your teammate. Now with this game mode, it makes everything a little less harsh as getting these banner cards can get really crazy at times.

Ultra Zones

Alright, I just think it keeps getting better with these game modes. Next up is the Ultra Zones which means, there will be, not one, but three hot zones per match, pretty cool isn’t it? I mean, with only a single hot zone, it becomes a total mess as everyone wants to get their hands on something good and before you know, half the players are already dead. So, it’d be great to have three hot zones instead of one, as it would expand the area for everyone to explore and not just dive into complete chaos.

Second Chance

I know, we have all heard it before that everyone deserves to have a second chance and now you do, even in Apex Legends. This game mode allows the player to spawn right out, after getting killed by the opponent and come fly right back into the match. I think it’s pretty cool as there are many games out there like COD Warzone that totally rocks this feature and I think it’d be pretty fun for Apex Legends too.

I think these game modes would be pretty fun to play but I guess you’d have to see for yourself and before you go, here is a great website where you can find help if you are struggling to move up in the game.

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