Brands to Avoid if You Care About the Environment

I am honestly sorry that we have reached a point in life where people have to be told about protecting one planet they have to survive. Planet earth has been giving us plenty of warning signs to make the current situation better. 

Planet earth was rapidly getting worse until the pandemic COVID-19 hit the planet. Now it has reached a small breathing period for years of harmful damage done to it. Once the pandemic is over, then the factories will reopen, carbon emission will increase. The earth will start heating up again. 

When anyone says pollution, a few things that come to people’s minds are plastics, harmful gases from vehicles, and fertilizers. So here are some things that you didn’t know affected the environment to such an extent. 

Brands to Avoid!

Any brand that has to do with fast fashion production is a huge contributor to pollution. Fast fashion is a term used when clothing designs get sold-out quickly. It is when production time is decreased to keep up with trends. Brands like Zara, H&M, Shein, and Forever 21 are some of the leaders in fast fashion. These brands use polyester in about 60% of their garments.

 I am not asking you to stop shopping for clothes. Still, the best alternative is not buying every piece of clothing that is trending on Instagram. Also not getting rid of clothes if they are not trendy enough.  Donate clothes rather than discarding them.

brands to avoid

Another factor that can affect the environment in a big way is E-waste, also known as electronic waste. Which, if not disposed of properly,  is extremely hazardous to the environment. Chemicals like lead, mercury, and arsenic are present in various forms in electronic devices that should be disposed of properly. If not, it would be released into the air if burnt and into the soil if buried. 

So whenever you decide to buy a new phone or laptop, make sure you dispose of the old one in the right way. Also, try using the electronic devices until it is ruined to replace it. Aurubis AG, Umicore, and Sims Metal Management Limited are some of the companies that offer to dispose of or recycle E-waste.

Another thing that is affecting the environment,  and people would be surprised to know something this small could damage the earth this much; it is a teabag. 

Every tea bag is made up of at least 60% plastic.  Every time someone just disposes of the tea bag wrongly, that plastic bag is just deposited in the ground and takes many years to entirely disintegrate. So rather than buying packets of tea bags, I would urge you to buy a box of tea leaves and then use it to make tea traditionally. Some Indian companies like Lipton and taj mahal produce both tea bags and tea leaves. 

Since we all know that plastic takes a long time to decay. Most vendors have stopped supplying plastic bags but still provide customers with plastic straws and plastic cutlery. So to save the environment and baby sea turtles, it is handy to have a metal straw and small metal cutlery. 

Everyone should follow this trend. You can get these metal straws and cutlery on amazon or any online store. This may not cost you a lot of money, but these investments are worth doing.

You, as an individual, may not be able to do a great deal of work when it comes to slowing the ice caps from melting. Still, you can do your share in making sure that some things you eat, wear and buy are not very harmful to the environment.

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About the Author – Makeya Shenai is a free-spirited writer with an obsession for pandas.


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