An Ode to the Avengers

What Superheroes Really Teach Us


Iron Man had a Malfunctioning heart,

The Hulk tore his own life apart.

Captain America watched his best friend die,

Black Widow killed innocents without knowing why.

Thor lost everyone he loved one by one,

Scarlet Witch did things that couldn’t be undone.

Yet, these heroes save lives everyday.

And that’s why these might just be the moral stories of today.

Give it some thought. The trailer of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ marks the beginning of the end of an era. And while we all are excited and emotional, I think it’s time to take a moment and realize that stories like these offer more than just an adrenaline rush in the theater.

Somewhere behind Iron Man’s armour and Captain America’s shield, hide essential life lessons that one could take back home. The biggest one being – No one is perfect, and making a difference is all about having the courage to risk your vulnerabilities. More specifically, take a look at Thor and Loki’s constant quarrels. The bitter-sweet bromance was portrayed so beautifully that Loki’s demise upset most of us. Lesson? Family might be tough, but that’s all we have at the end of the day.

Bruce Banner put a bullet in his mouth because he thought he was a monster. The ‘monster’ spat it out and went on to become an avenger. Lesson? Life gets better. Make sure you’re there to see it.

Iron man was one shrapnel piece away from dying for most of his superhero lifespan. That didn’t stop him from innovating and saving lives. Lesson? Circumstances mean nothing, determination means everything.

The black widow was trained to kill innocents. She’s got red on her ledger, remember? But she spends everyday saving innocent lives now. Lesson? Forgive yourself and let yourself become the person you’re meant to be.

There are probably a hundred more examples if you comb through the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Think about it and leave a comment below, who’s your favorite superhero and what have they taught you?

So here’s to Iron man’s sarcasm, Captain America’s magnificence, The Hulk’s smashing and Thor’s godly strength.

Here’s to every other avenger who hasn’t been mentioned here and to all they’ve contributed to the Era of the Avengers.

Above all, here’s to Endgame!

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