7 Advantages Of Using Mobile Phones For Students

mobile phones for students

Research shows that more than 80 percent of high school students in America use mobile phones consistently. And with the availability of tools like PhotoStick mobile, there is no need to worry about the space as well, as this tool from holgadirect helps create a backup of important data and photos. If you are looking for mobile phone apps for students, you can contact this web design company.7 advantages of using mobile phones for students 17 advantages of using mobile phones for students 2

This rampant use of mobile phones has brought about a raging debate about whether students should be allowed to bring their phones that often or even bring them to class. Those against say that allowing mobile phones can bring about cheating in exams. However, those for cell phones in class argue that there are more benefits than disadvantages of students using phones.

To put this matter to rest, here are the main advantages of using mobile phones for students:

Mobile Phones For Students Improves Knowledge

Long gone are the days when students would only get knowledge from teachers, parents, and books. Today, the sources for knowledge have diversified, and one of the ready sources is the internet. Having a mobile phone on their person all the time can help students check out things in a more fun way than going to books all the time. A cellphone connected to the internet can motivate the student to do his/her studies, as all the time, he knows he can access the world’s biggest library right where he is. If there is any doubt in mind about something that the teacher was teaching, the students can clear the doubts immediately.

A Mobile Phone Is A Good Time Manager

While gadgets cannot manage your time for you, you will be able to do the right thing at the right time when you set deadlines, and you set an accompanying alarm for the same. To wake up early in the morning, students need to set the alarm in their cell phones. You can also set a text alert to accompany the alarm to remind you to do a certain thing. That way, if a student is supposed to check out something on a certain day, he/she needs to set the alarm and an accompanying note for the same.

A Mobile Phone Helps Students Get Help During Emergencies

Should students find themselves in emergencies in school, at home, or in the streets, they know they can reach their parents, a senior person, and even the emergency services right from their mobile phones. Today, there are so many things going around schools, from shootings and other accidents. With a cell phone, a parent can keep in touch with their children all the time, even when they are in school. This is one way a mobile phone is useful for students at school.

Very Helpful In Studies

There are so many learning applications in the app stores for students at all levels in school. This means that a student can get help from an app for the subject in which he/she lacks in some areas. Most of these apps are free of charge, or you may pay a small one-off fee for downloading. There is an app for every subject today. There are versatile apps, as well. Say, for example; top online learning app is one of the most used and most popular apps in the world. Students can have the best Android homework app on their android phones.

Similarly, the iPhone users, too, can have an advantage by installing the best Apple learning app on their phones. This then is a merit of mobile phones for secondary students, playing an essential role in making life easy for students.

Helpful Location Apps

Mainly, this is GPS technology. Once the location indicator is turned on, as a parent, you can always know where your child is. When you are late at work, and you cannot pick him or her at school on time, you can call in advance and let him know. If he says he is going to visit a friend, you will know where he is all the time. It is always a good idea to let your child know that you have the GPS turned on for their safety.

Learning Goes On Even When Out Of Class

Students no longer have to wait until the computer class time so that they can check things out. With mobile internet-enabled devices, they can check up stuff from anywhere. This means that learning goes on all the time, in and out of the school setting. Students no longer have to wait to access the school or community library because with a smartphone, the world’s biggest library- the internet is at their disposal. When the teacher encourages students to use technology to advance their studies, they will happily do so because they love technology.


During teenage, students tend to be stressed up by many things. Thankfully, their mobile phones pack a lot of entertainment in the form of games, cartoons, and many more entertaining things. No matter the age of the student, there is always something entertaining on their mobile phone. For a parent, knowing that your elementary school student is watching cartoons on mobile gives you peace of mind, as you will know they are up to no mischief.

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