A Utopian World but with Dystopian Views?

Priyasha Anand | Staff Blogger

The influx of technology, industrialization, and informatization has vastly affected human behaviour. Our everyday companion changed from hard copy books, paper, paints, pens to laptops, mobile, tablets and smartwatches. Technology entered our lives and some would say overtook it. As the world modernized so did we. Our thoughts, values, morals changed and this change was inevitable and uncontrolled. But is this change for the better?

We are evolving every minute, every second of our lives and so are our thoughts. It’s a different world that we live in as compared to before and our needs and ideas have vastly changed. We often say we want privacy in this fast-paced open world yet we ourselves choose to share our personal details to the public. Things like our birthdays, job address, our hobbies even what we had for breakfast is on the internet for anyone to see and that has become normal. One might say we choose who can see these details as we accept their follow requests of people we know but the thing is when was the last time you did proper research on a person before accepting their requests to access sensitive information that you churn out 24 hours a day. If we had a good conversation with someone, attended an event with someone or simply connected with someone on something we allow them access to our lives through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and various other platforms irrespective of the fact that we would hardly ever talk to them.

The next warped up view we have is that of relationships. The old morale of marriage and family being held in highest regard is slowly fading away and we’re entering the world of “try before committing”. Live -in relationships are becoming more common because we want the freedom of living our life on our own terms. But it’s also reducing the emotional stability and the security the comes with a bound relationship. The concept of family is evolving and now it not only extends to our parents, siblings, and relatives but also include friends, and sometimes we start having so much fun with our “friends” family that we tend to forget our blood relations. There is an increase in the number old age homes, stay at home governesses, day care centers for both parents and children. The guardians don’t want to leave their loved ones behind but they have to because of their thirst of freedom, need of success and living life on their own terms. They don’t have time to spare, sometimes not even for themselves.

Young kids are going through breakups and depression is on the rise. There a huge competition in each and everything, be it the old concept of getting good marks or being good in extracurriculars. In this frame of time happiness is often compromised with knowledge, success, and power. The feeling of not being good enough creeps in at a very tender age and becomes a lifelong struggle. Alcohol, drugs, smoking, or sometimes even something as common as food becomes an emotional crutch. Physical intimacy loses its charm and moments of emotional satisfaction become a rare occurrence.

As beings, we are evolving at an amazing pace but as humans, we seem to be failing miserably. The phrase “anything is possible” drives us to better our future and we are doing so but the cost is too great. We are sacrificing ourselves to build a better life. In the future which I think might be already here we will have all the comforts of living but will we be actually living or will it just be a utopian world with dystopian views along with all materialistic comforts imaginable.

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