A Rendezvous with You – Souradeep Roy


A rendezvous with you - souradeep roy 1A rendezvous with you,

Took me to another milieu

From the rains to the beautiful terrain

Where I could see the rainbow,

Vivid and colourful,

Just like you, my lovely maiden!


Underneath the laughing hues

In the meadow,

We both sat

And so did time,

When you told me

You could never be mine.


My heart stopped beating for a while

And through my reeling head

A thought passed by:

Even though your heart is away,

If my love is true

It will come by my way;

Even though you love him with grace,

My heart will always be there

For you to embrace.

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  1. I like the subtle undertone of the colours of the rainbow which follows the readers till the second stanza…simple and heartfelt. 🙂

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