A breathtaking scenario of what’s happening around in the Corona filled world

Let me break some news to you – No, nothing related to our celebrity in the limelight- COVID-19. Its about a small Gurudwara, a place of worship for Sikhs in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. 25 civilians were shot dead by a Gunman on Wednesday while 8 others were heavily injured when a suicide bomber stormed his way into the Gurudwara. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, how mature of them, taking charge of what they have done. Afterall who expects this amount of righteousness from a terrorist organization, but to our surprise look, how nice they are!

Anyway, did you know that on last Friday, 17 Police and security personnel were killed in an attack by Naxalites in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. It’s okay if you didn’t because we’ve all been so occupied with #CoronaStopKarona. Also, 27 Afghan soldiers were killed by an attack on their military base, apparently by Taliban, and making a mention of responsibility and righteousness again, the Taliban spokesperson is “looking into it”. Ah, I tell you these terrorist groups are reaching new levels of virtue and honour.

Speaking of which, I just want you to look at the bigger picture, so what a bunch of people die because this virus. A different group in going to die regardless, because of a different reason if not this. I mean look, we are what we are right? Humans.

Of all the living species that dwell on this planet, we amongst them are the most blood sucking selfish hypocrite monsters there ever existed. Take pride, fellow humans! Because I very much believe that we for sure are going to put an end to this pandemic, but who is going to put an end to us? We the mighty of the mighty, the destroyer of our very own existence, the diggers of our own grave. Honestly, we are worse than Thanos, no offence. Morality, uprightness, humanity for goodness sake has gone in trash and not even the one you can recycle.

The world is collapsing. Terror and Naxalite attacks do not cease to exist. I think human race deserves what is happening to them. I think this pandemic is just the beginning of it and we are all in for a very long and tormenting ride. People are killing people anyway, might as well eradicate the entire human race. At least the animals and mother nature will be at peace. Why worry? Why put in so much effort in finding a vaccine? Even if we get the virus in control, we are anyway going to go back to our old lifestyle “Ignorance is Bliss”. So why save the world now?

When, spoiler, at the end, nobody’s going to get out alive.



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