7 Unique Bottle Boxing Ideas For Beer, Wine, And Spirits

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Presentation is everything. The packaging of your product can speak a hundred languages if you make it visually stunning and appealing. For a drink such as wine, beer, or spirit, most marketers and designers will focus on the design of the bottle or the label. But, you mustn’t forget about the importance of the bottle presentation boxes.

Bottle boxing is an inseparable part of your overall product presentation. It does primarily serve to provide protection to the product. Still, it’s the first thing your customers will see once they buy the product. And nothing beats the power of the first impression. This is why you need to invest the energy and effort into creating a unique bottle box for a drink that you’re selling.

In this article, you’ll read about:

  • why is a unique packaging solution important
  • how important is bottle boxing
  • what to bear in mind when choosing bottle boxes
  • unique bottle boxing ideas

You might be confused about the importance of bottle boxing. You might simply need some guidance. Whatever it is, keep reading to get all the information you need. After reading this article, you’ll know exactly what to do to make your product stand out from the rest.

Why is a Unique Packaging Solution Important?

When you think about a bottle of drink you’re trying to sell, and the customer who’s going to be the end-user, you always put the focus on the design of the bottle. The packaging wouldn’t normally be your top priority.

Still, you should consider the way your product is presented to the customer, from the first moment.

When you think about it this way, you realise the bottle boxes are the first thing your customers get in touch with before they:

  • admire the bottle design
  • read the label
  • taste the drink

So, the first impression is in the packaging of your bottle and the process of unboxing it.

This means that a unique bottle packaging solution is important for you and your brand in the following way:

  • making a great first impression
  • sending a positive message about the product
  • creating a generally positive experience for the customers

You can walk the extra mile and invest all your efforts into designing the perfect bottle and label. But it’s the packaging of the bottle that the customer is first going to see.

How Important is Bottle Boxing?

Selling a bottle of drink to a customer implies a lot more than just making a great product. Everything that you do that is connected to your brand is selling that product for you.

That means that your customers will notice and be under the influence of:

  • your social media activity
  • your email marketing
  • the promotions you make
  • the brand identity

customers notice everything

Just like all of the above, bottle boxes are another piece of the puzzle you’re trying to put together. And you know that if there’s even one piece missing, the whole puzzle can go to waste.

Therefore, bottle presentation boxes are equally as important as all the other elements that make your product the brand that it is.

It’s what makes it recognisable, unique, and professionally presented.

What to Bear in Mind When Choosing Bottle Boxes?

The bottle box you place your product bottle in is the extension of the product and you need to think about it with equal attention.

A bottle box needs to be:

  • unique in design
  • properly manufactured to preserve the bottle from breaking
  • in accordance with the brand image you’re trying to promote

For you to choose the best bottle box for the wine, beer, or spirit that is your product, you need to define your major goals:

  • What type of a first impression are you trying to make?
  • How do you want the customer to feel?
  • How much of the product design do you want to incorporate in the packaging?
  • What is the brand personality that the packaging needs to reflect?

Once you answer the above question, you can proceed to the next step. And that is designing or choosing the bottle box that adds value and authenticity to your product.

Unique Bottle Boxing Ideas For Wine, Beer, And Spirits

So, you’re determined to provide your customers with a unique bottle box for the drinks you’re selling. Now it’s time for you to get a more specific idea of what you can achieve with a superb bottle presentation box.

The list below will help you understand in which ways can the bottle presentation boxes you decide to go to improve your brand image.

Read about the unique branding and marketing moves you can make with a single bottle box, and find inspiration for your future bottle boxes.

Here are some unique bottle boxing ideas for wine, beer, and spirits.

1. Blend With The Bottle

An example of a good bottle and box blendIf your branding efforts are professionally carried out, then you already know what type of message are you trying to send to your customers.

The drink they’re selling is sending them a certain message and the packaging should do the same.

This is why you can choose to make the bottle box an extension of the bottle and create a complementary image using both the bottle and the bottle box.

For example, the Pirana beer designed their beer carrier box to send out the following message:

  • the beer is dangerously strong
  • if you drink it, you’re a fearless person

This is reflected in the colour black and the fact a piranha fish is their brand symbol. It’s a great way to make your brand image even stronger and apparent.

2. Tell a Story

bottle box with a storyThe packaging of your bottle needs to be talking instead of you. To make it as effective and memorable as possible, you can give it more depth by creating a story around it.

For example, the French brand of brandy Hennessy recently launched a unique bottle and bottle box design.  They called it the “Very Special Limited Edition”.

They gave the new design a background story:

  • designed by a contemporary street artist
  • supporting innovation
  • supporting avant-garde art

They sent a strong message using a breathtaking design. The old Hennessy tradition was revived by the urban, modernistic approach. People who like the story will be interested in becoming a customer, and thus, a part of the story.

This makes the drink more than just a brandy, and the bottle box makes it more tempting to purchase.

3. Inspiring Quotes

Every marketer and retailer know who their target audience is. In many cases, you have several different target groups that you’re trying to reach.

Bottle boxes can help you sell the same drink to all your target groups, using nothing more than some imagination and proper targeting.

After doing the research and defining your target groups, you can do additional investigation. Learn who their idols are and what social questions are they most interested in.

Then, you can decide on an inspiring quotation to put on your bottle box and get your target groups to feel more connected to it. You can use a quote from people such as:

  • Gandhi
  • Paulo Coehlo
  • Maya Angelou
  • Margaret Tacher
  • Albert Einstein

Whoever your target audience might like and find inspiring, you can use them on the bottle box to bring new life to your old product.

4. Enhance Brand Message

If you come up with a great idea for a product, you mustn’t stop at producing it. You should continue working on advertising the product you’ve come up with and emphasise its uniqueness.

The bottle presentation boxes of your product can further enhance the idea behind the product. They can give your customers another reason to buy it.Smirnoff Ice six-pack bottle box

A great example is the Smirnoff Ice six-pack bottle package. It’s a great packaging solution because:

  • it resembles an ice cube
  • it keeps the recognisable Smirnoff design

So, your potential customers will instantly know it’s Smirnoff. And, they will be further inspired by the fun and cool design of the bottle carrier box.

This way, the bottle box remains the piece of the puzzle you mustn’t lose.

5. Minimalism

With all the possibilities that modern bottle boxes packaging design has to offer, you can easily get carried away and lose your compass. By adding too many elements, details, colours, or different fonts, you could create a counter effect.

This is why you should stop for a second and consider going for minimalism.

A minimalistic approach would imply:

  • a single colour bottle box
  • a classical, simple font
  • no more than a line or two of text

Your customers will be curious to see what’s inside. This might be what makes your bottle box stand out from the rest and get someone to pick it up from the shelf.

More is not always better, so consider going for a minimalistic approach with your bottle box.

6. Holiday Edition

Christmas bottle and boxA great way to be original as well as improve sales is to design bottle boxes in accordance with the upcoming holidays. Of course, focus only on the most prominent holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, or the 4th of July.

This is exactly what Ballantine had in mind when they designed their “Christmas Reserved” edition. Both the bottle and the bottle box are redesigned to be a great Christmas gift.

Therefore, think in terms of:

  • launching a special holiday edition of your bottle box
  • making it unique
  • making it great gift material

“The best part about designing a holiday edition of a bottle box is that you don’t even have to redesign the bottle. Just make the bottle box specially designed for a certain holiday. The product itself can remain unchanged” says Estelle Leotard, a freelance writer and editor at Trust My Paper and Grab My Essay.

7. Mix it up With Custom Shapes

If you want to walk the extra mile and mix it up a bit more, you can go for a custom made bottle box of an unusual shape.

Depending on the wine bottle height, or the design of the beer or spirit bottle, you can choose the shape of the bottle packaging that would fit best.

You could go for:

  • triangle bottle box
  • round bottle box
  • octagon bottle box

The peculiar shape along with a specific design will certainly add value and appeal to your brand. It will stand out from the rest and draw the attention of potential customers.

You’ll be offering something different than the usual vertical, square bottle presentation boxes. Sometimes that’s all that it takes.

Bringing The Best Out of Your Bottles

As you can see, it takes a village to produce, advertise, and sell a bottle of wine, beer, or spirit. From creating the product itself to delivering it to your customer, there’s a long, and hard road. You have to be careful about each of the steps in the way, and bottle boxing is one of the most important steps.

When choosing the design, structure, and style of the bottle box for your product, make sure you have the target audience in mind. In addition, make it in accordance with the brand image.

Use the guidelines and ideas above to decide what kind of a bottle box you want for your drinks, and start working on them today.

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