7 Types Of Vegetables That Are Perfect For Canning

vegetables that are perfect for canning
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If you are thinking of storing food at home, it is a good idea to make your own canned foods. However, not all foods are easy to preserve through. The best foods for canning are vegetables because they are easy to prepare and mass produce. By canning your vegetables, you will not only have food in case of emergencies, these vegetables are also full of much-needed vitamins and minerals.

Here are 7 types of vegetables that are perfect for canning.


Cucumbers are perfect for canning because they make incredible pickles. Cucumbers are the traditional pickles, and if submerged in a brine of salt and vinegar make delicious pickles.

When you prepare your pickles, it is important that you rinse them thoroughly. You could dice them into pieces or submerge them whole in pickle brine or vinegar.

When you process your cucumbers, it is important that you have a good quality glass jar at the ready. In this jar, you will mix all the ingredients. It might seem like a hassle to pickle cucumbers in a jar before you have them canned, however, you should remember that mason jars are nowhere near as airtight as cans.


Canned tomatoes are a favorite preserved food because they could be used for all sorts of dishes. Tomatoes in general are perfect for Italian dishes. If you have an orchard full of tomatoes, you could create a variety of canned tomato products.

When you process your tomatoes, it is important that you use gloves. Remember that any bacteria that gets on the fruit could contaminate it, and compromise the quality of your canned tomatoes. You could slice and dice your tomatoes, or stuff them into the whole of the can. As a precaution, you should also peel your tomatoes to lessen the If you want your tomatoes to last longer, it is a good idea to mix them with olive oil and other preservatives.

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While mushrooms could be dehydrated and stored for future use, mushrooms could also be canned for even longer periods of time.

Mushrooms are great for canning because they are easy to forage, quick to process, and are perfect for a myriad of dishes. Let’s not forget that they are a  great source of protein and could be used as a meat substitute for vegan meals or if there is no meat to be had.

There are many types of mushrooms and their shapes and sizes depend on where you live, however, mushrooms are usually diced or canned whole. It all really depends on your preference and the size of your cans.


When it comes to preservable vegetables, cabbages are by far the most versatile. They could be fermented to make kimchi or they could be canned as well for future consumption.

Cabbage by itself is usually very bland, so if you are going to have it canned, you should process it first. Luckily there are many ways to process cabbage. You could use the kimchi or sauerkraut method. These two processes are some of the most popular ways to preserve the cabbage, and could even make your cabbages last longer.

When you prepare your cabbage, it is important that you thoroughly wash it as thoroughly as possible. It is also a good idea to use gloves when washing your cabbages, to lessen the chances of contamination.


Aside from the cucumber, the zucchini is also a great pickle alternative. It has the same structure and consistency as a cucumber and could be prepared the same way as a zucchini.

The zucchini is a very versatile vegetable and could be cut up into various sizes before the canning process, however, they are best diced into small pieces because it makes them easier to stuff into jars and eventually into cans.

Brussel Sprouts

Of all the cruciferous kinds of vegetables, Brussel sprouts are some of the best options for canning. While they are not really that popular with a majority of people, they are still extremely healthy and could provide you with a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. They are also easy to process and could be stored in cans for safer packaging. To take away the slightly bitter taste of your Brussel sprouts, it is important that you boil the sprouts for a few minutes.

When you pickle your Brussel sprouts, you should use an acidic mixture such as pickle brine, or vinegar. After you cut up your Brussels into serviceable sizes, you should stuff them into mason jars or cans filled with brine.


While the eggplant might seem difficult to preserve in a can, it is in fact a great option. The trick to canning eggplants is to cut them up into thin slices. It is not advisable to cut your eggplants into large slices because they are more than likely to get smooshed or break apart. After prepping your eggplant, you should boil it for a few minutes to take away any impurities, and then store them in a jar with your choice of oils, spices, brine, or vinegar.

You could store them in mason jars during the fermenting process, however, if you want your store of eggplant preserves to last for years, you should have them canned.

Conclusion – Vegetables that are perfect for canning

When it comes to storing food at home, it is a good idea to store your vegetables in cans. This is a great way to save money, and have food in case of emergencies. With these types of vegetables, you’ll be able to fill your pantry with a lot of canned vegetables.

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