6 famous characters who’ll survive the Zombie apocalypse

Well, well, we’re almost half way through the year. But its holiday time and I’ve been putting my mind to a lot of productive thinking (Not). One of the zillion other random things I’ve been thinking of is what would happen if the world was coming to an end because of a zombie apocalypse (maybe it’s all the supernatural TV shows I watch), and only 6 famous personalities could be saved. Read on to find out how they’ve been ranked…

6). Dr. Ross Geller (F.R.I.E.N.D.S character)

Coming on number 6 would be our beloved but naïve palaeontologist, Dr. Ross Geller. His immense knowledge about fossils and dinosaurs is not only absolutely fascinating but also a very important reason why he would survive the apocalypse. Ross would make sure that no matter whether the world was being invaded by zombies or anything else for that matter, the fossils are kept safe. His love for palaeontology is never “on a break!” (Friends fans, see what I did there?)

5). Alan Garner (From the Hangover franchise)

On number 5, we have the eccentric but innocent Alan Garner. His idiosyncratic behaviour has been widely popularized by the movies. But it’s his pristine nature that makes him the hero of the day. This one survived three horrible hangovers; he can definitely survive a zombie apocalypse.

4). Dr. Sheldon Cooper (Character from The Big Bang Theory)

On number 4 is Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Now who wouldn’t agree with me that this Texas lad with the brains of an extra-terrestrial genius, verbal capabilities of Hitler and the heart of a little 5-year-old child won’t survive the end of the world? In case of a zombie apocalypse, he would not only survived it, but also have an argument with the zombies such that they never even think of looking towards our planet. We all need the Sheldon lovin’!

3). Ted Mosby (From the television sit-com How I Met Your Mother)

Next on the list would be the hopelessly-in-search-of-his-wife guy Ted Mosby. He spent 8 damned years telling stories to his kids about how he met their mother, except he told them about everything EXCEPT their mother. In the recent episode when the mother was finally revealed, though, disappointment was all over my face. I’m sure if Ted even hints the fact that he wants to tell the story of how he met his wife to the zombies they would run for their life like all his architecture students, ditching the apocalypse!

2). Fat Amy (From the recent musical “Pitch Perfect”)

On the runner’s up place we have the loveable Fat Amy with her amazing tongue-in-cheek humour. This girl is a bomb, quite literally! She can single-handedly take all the zombies down in case of an apocalypse, so we definitely have a survivor here.

(PS – Doesn’t she totally remind you of Adele?)

1). Sherlock Holmes (From BBC One’s TV mini-series, Sherlock)

Finally on the number one slot we have the ultimate genius of all time, Sherlock Holmes. This man doesn’t need much introduction; however for all the non-followers out there, he is probably the most intelligent human-being to have walked this planet. Apart from having solved an innumerable amount of complicated cases, this man also has to his credit faking his own death. Like his accomplice Dr. John Watson mentions, “I always hear punch me when you speak, but it’s generally subtext”, one cannot possibly stand a chance of winning an argument with him, and so the zombies will be at the mercy of the Gods if they decide to create an apocalypse!

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