5 Useful Ways to Use Your Fitness Tracker When Traveling

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Do you have a fitness tracker that you carry along on work trips and vacations but don’t know how to use it to your benefit? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one struggling to find an effective way to make use of your fitness tracker while traveling. As a matter of fact, most owners of fitness trackers like Fitbit can barely use it in their own home.

That is why we have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to properly utilize your fitness tracker while traveling. This post is based on real-life experiences and will hopefully make your fitness journey a lot smoother.

1. Count the calories you eat

The foundation of all successful fitness regimes is tracking what you eat. This can easily be achieved by most fitness trackers as they help you record your daily intake in calories.

For instance, individuals who are trying to lose weight are required to force their body into burning fat by creating a calorie deficit. This can easily be achieved by setting a limit on how many calories they should consume on their fitness tracker. The same applies to people who are trying to gain weight or muscle. For instance, to gain muscle, you must set the required protein intake on your fitness tracker.

How many of us lose track of their fitness goals when they go on holiday? How many of us end up gaining a bunch of unnecessary weight because we binged on beers and comfort food over the holidays?

Taking your fitness tracker away with you enables you to closely monitor how your body is reacting to your food consumption while you are traveling and ensures that you don’t overdo it.

2. Track your workouts

I have personally forced myself to start monitoring my workouts and my heart rate using my Fitbit when I go for high-intensity sprints on the treadmill the hotel gym or on the beach. Tracking my heart rate, it has enabled me to learn how to warm up my body before a workout and cool it back down after my workout.

High intensity workouts are my new favorite thing to do while traveling. They are some of the most effective ways to achieve your desired fitness goals. Unfortunately, most of these activities are hard to keep track of due to the heightened effects they have on your body.

Have you tried a spin cycle, a sprint, or any other high-intensity training regime while traveling? Your fitness tracker is perfect for keeping track of your heart rate during these intense training sessions while you are away.

I remember when I first started traveling for work. I could barely stay within my desired weight range due to the uncertainty of how much progress I was making. I’d go to the hotel gym and work out without knowing how many calories I had burned.

This all changed when I decided to use my Fitbit whenever I wasn’t home. I can now easily track all my progress thereby eliminating the element of guesswork. You should do the same. And of course, don’t forget to take your Fitbit charger with you too.

3. Use apps to navigate your way around

Travelling is already stressful enough. If you aren’t chasing a flight, then you’re probably waiting for one. Your passport might be in the wrong bag, and your hotel is probably not ready for occupation even though it had already been confirmed.

Why should you overburden yourself with even more problems? Why not use that expensive Apple Watch you bought to lessen the load? There are many different travel apps out there you can use, whether it’s for finding your way around with Citymapper, booking a taxi with Uber, or finding the nearest place to eat with Foursquare.

Technology should be used to make your life easier, start now.

4. Have you slept enough?

We all know how grueling a business trip can be. Furthermore, we all know how hard it is to find enough time to rest and sleep when you have to juggle airports, taxis, hotels, and on-site visits.

This is the reason you should use your fitness tracker to ensure that you’ve slept enough by using the sleep tracking feature. This can make a huge difference in your productivity and fitness journey.

5. Use the GPS to track your run

You’ve had a great morning. Your prospect signed the confirmatory documents last night, and the paperwork has already been submitted for approval. You decide to reward yourself by jogging through the neighborhood your hotel is situated in.

The only problem is that you can’t find your way around. This is definitely the right time to use the GPS feature of your fitness tracker to track your run.

These are just a few practical ways to use your fitness tracker when you travel. Hopefully, they will make your fitness journey a lot easier.

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