The 5 types of girls you find in Medical School

MBBS Aspirants Travails
These are the experiences an MBBS aspirant faces... These are my experiences ... I am sure many had to go through this.


My recent post about medico guys spawned this demand to come up with a similar post about the girls in medical college. I’d say I was particularly shy so did not have too many friends among gals but I did keep an observant eye. Here goes

Dilli wali girlfriend: Good looking, charming and intelligent. She has it all. I guess 50 % gals in my batch were from Delhi. Arrogance could quite easily be directed at you if you did not measure up favorably in their cool quotient. Cool = hard metal ( boyzone qualified!!!!), jant jeans( GANT), flatulent( sorry Fluent) english and going out( out- going). A funny thing was that you had to initiate your conversation in english but the sooner you slipped into the Desi lingo the smoother it would go. To be honest I too thought a few of them were pretty cute but then I never could quite measure up… sob sob

Mirror Mirror…..Okay this was a bunch you couldn’t help but swoon over… I mean saying they were beautiful is an understatement of gigantic proportions. Alas they mostly kept to themselves. Hmm..maybe you could just not hide the fact that your tongue is about to roll out the moment your eyes meet…..

FRIENDS: These gals just have this infectious ability to make friends, you cant but extend a hand even if you meet for the first time. They are your go- to source for notes, books and advice. I guess they have this real nice vibe about them that lets you talk to them and ask for help.

The Politician: The rough and tumble of something as insignificant as college politics is enough to turn these girls into hardened politicos. This was always an obnoxious lot, sweet on the face but dagger drawn. Was easy to see why politicians at the top  turn out the way they do; its a congenital problem.

Hang on: Going 2500 kms from home can be intimidating for anyone especially at the threshold of adulthood. New people, culture and an environment where success is such a short term thing as marks in your next semester exam. They are always gals and even a few boys who kinda never quite get to terms with it all. So you’ll see them walking alone, sitting by themselves in a dark library corner or just plain invisible beyond college hours. You want to help but then at an adolescent 19 there aint much you know about what to say.

It’s tough to tread the fine line without someone reading between them.




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