5 Sweet secrets of honey that you would like to know

Honey is the natural sweetener that actually adds health to the food along with the taste. It is the sheer hard work of bees that brings us this golden liquid directly from the flowers. Nectar of flowers is first swallowed by the bees and then it undergoes the process called regurgitation to form honey. Formation of honey takes collective efforts from bees. As per the studies, one pound of honey is formed when 60,000 bees collect nectar from over 2 million flowers. It is collective hard work of bees that reach us in the form of honey. The produce of so much of hard work and efforts also has many health benefits derived directly from the nature. Here are some of these health benefits that may turn this golden liquid into priceless health tonic.honey

  1. Tonic for cough and cold

Honey is being used to treat cough and cold since ages. This natural remedy instantly soothes throat when taken with turmeric, cinnamon, or even plain. This amazing health tonic is approved by World Health Organization as a natural remedy for cough and cold. Studies have also observed that honey works even better than many standard cough medicines while treating upper respiratory infections.

  1. Excellent effect on Herpes

Herpes is a chronic skin disorder that requires prolonged treatment. The recurrence rate is quite high as regrowth of microbes triggers back this condition. External application of honey ensures that the herpes affected area is free from trapped fluid and the growth of microbes is depleted. When honey comes in contact with wounds, it releases small amount of hydrogen peroxide that helps healing.

  1. Heals burns and wounds

Honey application has also helped people in healing wound and burns. It has antibacterial, antiseptic, and antibiotic properties that prevent the burns and wounds from septic, while accelerating the process of healing. The pure form of honey, also available as medical honey has shown promising results in treating wounds. Before introduction of penicillin to the medical world, honey was extensively used to treat infections, burns, and open wounds. With substantial research carried out further, honey is again gaining popularity in ointments and antiseptics.

  1. Effective immunity booster

While external use of honey is very popular, consuming honey has also shown promising results in boosting immunity. Having honey on bread along with cinnamon would provide you the energy for the day and also keep the cholesterol in check. Take honey with warm water as the first thing in the morning and you will have increased immunity and lower fat. Honey can successfully replace jam from your breakfast table without changing flavor. It can be used as natural sweetener for your green tea.

  1. Fights pollen allergy

Those having allergy towards pollens may benefit by taking locally produced honey. This honey is collected from the local flowers and may have pollen spores that you may be allergic to. Taking local honey daily would help your body produce allergens to fight this infection.

Regular intake of pure honey has benefited many with reduced infections, decreased cholesterol, and increased immunity. Honey is always healthy but stay away from the cheap sugar added options available in the market.

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