5 Reasons why successful freelancers go roaming

If ever today’s technology proved its worth, it’s in your freelancing career and helping you to find freelancer work. Whereas employees are mostly fixed in one location, freelancers are free to roam as they please.

1. The country is our oyster

Technology has also opened up markets beyond local to regional, national and perhaps global clients too. No longer are you restricted to selling directly to those on your doorstep; nowadays, you can work with those 2 hours away, 4 hours away or more.

Technology has served me well this week. I’ve had two freelance job Skype meetings this past week with new customers in London. They were sat in-front of me as if we were in the same room, holding up images and relevant information to the webcam and nothing was restricted though they were about 150 miles away.

I got to infiltrate southern markets, they got to take advantage of much cheaper northern prices.

2. Freelancer freedom

This echoes the freedom element with being a freelancer – you’re free to choose your own hours, which freelance jobs to work on, what location to work from and the general direction of your business and career.

Contrast this to the employed worker sat behind the same desk, day in, day out, doing the same role for years, and freelancers can begin to feel quite smug.

Because we have to get up, go out and network to open up these new markets, we may mix and mingle more than the average employee.

This means we travel more, we visit more places and developer a wider business experience. We are no longer trapped behind that desk!

3. Pubs, cafes, starbucks and the kitchen table

I used to shy away from arranging meetings with new contacts, now I positively seek them out.

You never know where each meeting may lead, or how you may both be able to introduce more business to the other.

I also shied away from meeting people at my home and always insisted contacts came to my office. Now, although they do still visit my office, I’ve met them in my home, in pubs, shopping centres, cafes, in their homes and workplaces – anywhere – because location is irrelevant; it’s not where you meet but what you get from the meeting.

Even if this is just a new contact to add to your address book, you have no way of knowing how they may be of help in the future.

4. Smartphones allow me to roam too

My smartphone proves invaluable for reading emails.

If I was expecting an email from someone a few years ago, I would have needed to stay near my computer.

Now my phone’s synced to my mailbox’s servers I can be anywhere. My life doesn’t need to be on hold, which gives my whole freelance work/life balance a positive boost.

Again, a fixed location is unimportant, I can go where I need / want to.

And yes, answering the phone when driving is no longer a problem (or illegal) now that Bluetooth, wireless and plug ‘n’ play options are the norm.

The internet, Skype, smartphones, synchronization of diaries/calendars, wi-fi in public places and Bluetooth technology have proved that location is irrelevant when conducting your business.

Although there’s plenty to gain from sourcing freelance jobs in your locality, as a freelancer, the region, country and perhaps the world,  is your oyster….

5. Your own technology revolution?

Technology is liberating us without restricting out ability to deliver to our clients. Hence, it is critical that we adopt, adapt and keep using new technology ideas.

What technology or practice liberates you the most in your freelancing jobs and projects? Is there another program or product that I’ve not mentioned here which could revolutionize the way freelancers work?

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