5 Reasons Why Arya Samaj Marriage Is Being Accepted Amongst A Wider Audience

Arya Samaj Marriage

Marriages in Arya Samaj Mandir are done according to traditional Vedic rituals. Couples who want a simple and economical marriage can opt for this type of marriage. This blog will enlighten you about the meaning of Arya samaj and its benefits. This blog also discusses the reason why people are accepting and opting for this type of marriage.

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  1. What is Arya Samaj Marriage?
  2. Reasons for the acceptance of Arya Samaj Marriage
  3. Documents required for solemnization of Marriage

What is Arya Samaj Marriage?

Arya Samaj marriages are solemnized in accordance with the Traditional Vedic Rules. There is no requirement to perform a pooja to a specific deity, people of Arya Samaj don’t believe in the worship of an idol, as they don’t have any. The only witness to the marriage ceremony is the fire and other elements. After the completion of Arya samaj marriage, the Arya samaj mandir (temple) provide a marriage certificate to the couple. Also, if the married couple wants, then they can register their marriage before a marriage registrar, and then a marriage certificate will be provided by the registrar to the couple.Vedic Marriage

Reasons for the acceptance of Arya samaj marriage

There are many advantages of Arya Samaj marriage. The certificate is legal in India only. It isn’t valid outside the country. You can register the marriage to the sub-registrar office by giving relevant documents. When there is a situation that the certificate is issued in the local language, then you can get it easily translated to the English language, so that you can show it in any foreign country.

Arya samaj marriage is preferred by many people across India, as these people are looking to get married in a very simple and non-gaudy way. Arya samaj provides a common path to those people who are from different caste and religion to come to the same place and get married without worrying about any discrimination of caste, religion or standard. Apart from this, the wedding also takes place in Arya samaj mandir, that are fully certified and a couple can also get their certificate of marriage just after the wedding.

People are nowadays accepting this kind of marriage because of the following reasons –

  • No Dowry

If you are among those people who are against social curse like dower then you can be a part of hands with Arya Samaj in removing this curse from the whole society of India as Arya Samaj has been fighting against the concept of dowry with all the effort since long.

  • No Alcoholic and alternative intoxicating merchandise

As we are aware that nowadays alcoholic and alternative intoxicating drinks are very common in weddings, but Arya samaj on the other hand seriously prohibits these things in the marriage ceremony, so people are free from any unwanted issues and any problem in a very special day of marriage. Because of this reason, marriage can be commenced and completed in a very peaceful manner without any painful incident.

  • Freedom from unnecessary issues and Caste’s Barriers

In an Arya samaj marriage, there is no tension of arrangement of tenet, band, DJ, printing cards and distributing, boarding and arrangement of guests, their transport and marketing/extravagance. Arya Samaj is also powerfully against the class structure because this has been doing variations among castes and religion, which was weakening the strength of unity of Bharat. For removing the roots of this social discriminatory establishment, Arya Samaj is now peacefully promoting inter-caste wedding.

  • Curbing kid Marriage

Arya Samaj Marriages are done keeping in mind all the recent laws, rules and regulations. This type of marriage has a tendency to discourage kids to do marriage by violating any law and encourage following strict laws limitations i.e. twenty one (21) years for males and eighteen (18) years for females. This trend has a tendency to save people from the issue of child marriage

  • Marriage Certificate

At an Arya Samaj Mandir, with all on top of mentioned advantages and benefits, you’ll also get a wedding certificate that will be lawfully valid and may be helpful for the whole of your life.

Documents required for solemnization of Marriage

  1. Four copies of a colored photograph of both the husband and the wife.
  2. Proof of Date of birth and address of both the husband and the wife.
  3. The minimum age of the husband and the wife should be 21 and 18 respectively.

As we saw, the Arya samaj marriage has various benefits. Legal consultants can help you in availing Arya Samaj marriage certificate. In order to not miss out on any tiny information or compliance, it is recommended to get in touch with a lawyer who is well versed with the process and knows the ground realities of it. Consulting a lawyer will make this process hassle-free and smooth.

Author bio: Samuel D’mello has been practicing and handling cases independently with a result-oriented approach, both professionally and ethically and has now acquired over 4+ years of professional experience in providing legal consultancy and advisory services. Samuel graduated from J.N. Petit School & Symbiosis Law School.

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