5 Reasons to Choose Surrogacy in Ukraine

Statistics say that nowadays from 15% (in Europe) to 20% (in the USA) of the population go childfree. While some people refuse to sacrifice their independent lives for children, others desperately wish to have a big family. One of the best options for families who can’t have children is surrogacy. Luckily for them, there are some countries that not only allow it but even encourage it in some ways. One of such countries is Ukraine – it is among the leading destinations for people who are incapable of giving birth to a child for some reason.

  • One of the critical factors why foreign families choose surrogacy in Ukraina is a favorable legal system. Not only is surrogacy legal there, but the system also protects both biological parents and women carrying babies. Ukrainian legislation explicitly defines requirements for a future surrogate mother and states that the only parents of a child are its natural parents, whose donor material is used for conceiving a baby.
  • The second reason – surrogacy in Ukraine is relatively cheap. While in other countries the whole process may cost you hundreds of dollars, in Ukraine, the price is closer to $30,000. It includes payments for medical procedures, service fees, hospital bills, and surrogate mother allowance.
  • Over the last few years, countries, where international surrogacy used to be a usual thing, have started closing the borders for families wishing to carry out this procedure. Now, Asian countries like India and Thailand frown upon such cases and have the legislation in place to completely forbid this practice.
  • Since in Ukraine the child belongs to biological parents from the moment of conception, there will be no need to obtain parental rights via the courts, or, for example, to adopt your own baby, which is very common in countries like the United States and some European nations. Moreover, the name of a surrogate will not even be mentioned in the child’s birth certificate, so there is no legal bond between the baby and the woman who carried it.
  • And the last, but not the least reason is a convenient geographical position and political climate. Ukraine is situated in the center of Europe, it is easy to get to, and the country doesn’t require a visa for citizens of most countries, including members of the EU, American and Asian states. Plus, the standards of living are high enough, so in most cases, a surrogate mother will be living in a pleasant and suitable environment for the whole period of carrying a baby.

When making such a big decision, it’s essential to consider all the pros and cons. And while surrogacy in Ukraine may have some drawbacks, the advantages definitely prevail over.

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