5 Habits of Ineffective Software Developers

Not everyone can be a good programmer. This is particularly true for those who get into the profession because of the lure of the money. The statistical distribution is similar to what you’d expect in other right. There are a few brilliant programmers, some are good, and the majority are barely competent. Having said that, the difference between a great coder and a good one isn’t necessarily the coding skills. And if the matter is related to your busines, instead of taking risk, you should hire a professional Software Development Company.

As a developer, you might find yourself into habits that were not there when you were starting. Such unfortunate could be the reason why you’re not reaching your full potential. More often than not, developers will not be aware of such habits and might only realise this when it is too late to salvage a career.

“I Have The Best Code”

You will never grow professionally with the “best” mentality. With such thoughts, it means there is no room for improvement, and you’re not likely to take criticism well. For you to be a great programmer, you need to acknowledge that there is still a lot that you don’t know, and it is impossible to know everything. It will always be a humbling experience knowing that there is someone better than you. Don’t be too quick to criticize other people’s code when yours could be in the spotlight.

There is nothing as bad as your ego becoming an obstacle in your work. It could be a reason why you don’t achieve greatness even if you’re a good programmer. When you start believing in your greatness, that will be the start of the death of the creative process.

“I Can Fix it Immediately”

Most coding challenges require time and in-depth analysis. No programmer will start coding immediately when presented with a problem. You can take shortcuts, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that that is the best solution for the issue at hand. Taking shortcuts can be extremely dangerous. As much as you could provide a temporary solution, there are no guarantees that will work in the near future. A good programmer takes time to understand the problem before coming up with a solution. They will look at the quantifiable variables and how they can be presented in a logical format.

“I Don’t Need to Document”

Even if you have a good memory, it will be impossible to remember every single detail. A good programmer will make sure that there is proper documentation right from the onset. Even inadequate documentation is better than nothing. Documentation will come in handy when doing quality assurance. You’re able to identify potential problems that you might have skipped during the coding. Documentation has been described as the castor oil for programming. Documentation should be part and parcel of your daily routine.

It is easy to forget how the code works because of age. With proper documentation, you will always have a point of reference.

“It Wasn’t My Fault”

A mistake can be forgiven as long as you’re willing to take responsibility. A bad programmer is one that always has an excuse and doesn’t want to take responsibility for their actions. There are even occasions where some bad programmers will blame the customer for not using the software correctly when it is clear that the code was not up to standard. With such a mentality, there is no growth because one is not willing to accept the mistakes made. There is nothing that is achieved when you try pinning the blame on someone else or external factors.

Your Done is not Complete

When you’re done with the coding, it needs to be complete. You don’t want to launch a half-baked program hoping that users won’t notice the bug. A good developer will be eager to ensure that the final product to and there are no quality issues. A lousy developer is more concerned about their favorite piece of technology and programming language instead of the final output.

To Sum it Up

Having a good attitude towards programming will beat years of experience any day. You will always be willing to learn as that is the only way you can improve and become a good coder. Having a positive attitude will ultimately reflect on your work. You become a good programmer who is not afraid to accept and embrace failure in order to become better. There is an open mind, and you’re willing to explore new ideas like the Proxy API used by web scraping vendors. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help whenever you’re in need.

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