5 Alternative to a Gym Membership to Help You Exercise

gym membership

Working out in the World Gym has its advantages such as access to a ton of equipment, availability of fitness trainers or instructors to help you with how to go about your workouts, among other benefits. However, a gym membership comes with some issues such as high subscription rates after joining, especially if you joined when the rates were discounted.

Some people may also have to go several miles to get to a gym, which may be difficult due to their busy schedules. It could also be the issue of gym operating hours that may not favor you due to your other commitments or inflexible schedule.

But did you know that you can still get good and effective workouts without a gym membership? Below are some affordable or free alternatives to a gym membership to help you stay in good shape:

At-home workout equipment

Did you that if cycling is your thing, you can buy a stationary bike for use in your house? Well, you could be surprised how cheap such a piece of workout equipment can be since you could buy it from secondhand shops, online vendors, or other bargain shops. You could use the stationary bicycle to exercise when the weather is not great, say when it’s raining or when you are short on time to go outdoors.

The beauty of such a bike and other at-home exercise equipment is that they are foldable, so you can keep them in the closet or under your bed or other furniture to save on space. You could ensure that you are always motivated to work out using such equipment by reading your favorite book while cycling it or rewarding yourself with your favorite healthy yogurt after a session on the bike.

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Although some people ignore running as a workout, it is one of the best exercises since it burns lots of calories, produces strong well-shaped leg muscles, and you can do it almost anywhere. You also do not need any special or expensive gear to do it. Most communities have public parks with running or jogging trails or you could also use your nearest school’s track. Most institutions allow members of the public to use their tracks when the students are not using them.

Running along the roads or streets is also an option, but you have to take care not to be hit by vehicles. A morning run is a good idea so that you do not skip it later in the day when you get busy.

Swimming is an excellent alternative to a Gym membership

The best thing about swimming is that it is a low-impact workout that helps you to torch calories without hurting your joints so you can do it even with injuries. You can take advantage of the community pools that most neighborhoods offer their residents. Some recreational centers also offer swimming and deep water aerobics lessons to their clients that you could capitalize on.

TV shows, exercise videos, and online resources

You could work out alongside trainers on TV shows from the comfort of your house. You may also buy videos or subscribe to online resources on YouTube or other sites that can help you to exercise at your convenience. You can get a workout buddy such as a friend or relative to join you so you remain motivated. Working out in the morning may also help you to ensure that you do not skip workouts later and you have lots of energy to take you through your day.

Have fun with your pets or kids

What about going out to play with your pets or kids? Well, this is a great workout for both of you and will be full of fun as well as offer a good bonding session. You can include other challenges in the exercise, for instance telling the kids to see who can get from the see-saw to the slide or swings the fastest.


You can keep fit and be healthy without paying for a gym membership by doing so many alternative workouts such as those mentioned above. You can also join a local sports team, enroll in a dance class, or plan walks or hikes with friends or relatives. The critical thing is to get moving and keep doing it consistently.

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