4 Reasons writing is the most important thing a child can learn

A famous and well-respected man once said that the youth is the hope of the next generation. As adults grow old and fade with time, it is up to the children to bear the burdens and continue towards improvement and success. However, leaving the children with such burdens is not as easy as passing torches or naming successors. It is actually us, the adults who must bear the burden of teaching, guiding and helping our children become responsible and educated adults in the future.

That being said, we as, adults and their mentors and teachers, must ensure that we must equip our children and students with the necessary tools and skills for them to be capable citizens and responsible adults that will contribute to the society’s advancements. And one of the most important things that we must teach to our children even at a young age is definitely writing. Writing, ever since it was developed, has become one of the most essential tools that a person must have in order to live in this world. To further elaborate on why, below are the top 4 reasons on why should you teach your child how to write.

  1. Writing is a necessity

Communication is one of the most important skills a person must have in order to properly function in this world. In fact, writing can be grouped with food, shelter, and water as basic necessities of human beings. Without learning how to write, a person won’t be able to communicate and express their thoughts, ideas, and opinions on matters concerning themselves. Just imagine a world where writing isn’t existing. Right, you can’t even start where to start imagining right? That is how important writing is.

  1. Writing enhances development and learning

As your child learns to write, a new world will be introduced to him or her. And this where doors of potentials will open. They will start to explore and learn more words and letters that will eventually help them improve. As they keep on writing letters and words, not only will they be able to improve their writing skills, they will also be able to discover new things through writing.

  1. Writing promotes creativity

Contrary to popular opinion, writing can also promote and develop creativity. While most people think of art such as drawing, painting, building, sketching and other forms as the most effective platforms for enhancing and promoting creativity, writing can actually yield the same results. You see, there is a reason why there are best-selling authors and mediocre authors. And that is because; best-selling authors are more creative when it comes to expressing their thoughts, their stories to their readers compared to the other authors. Thus, if you keep on encouraging your child to write, they will eventually learn and develop how to properly express their thoughts. And who knows, you might just raise the next George Martin or the next J.K Rowling.

  1. Writing enhances critical thinking

Last but not the least, writing also develops critical thinking and logic. Because writing has a set of rules and guidelines such as grammar and sentence construction, a child then will learn how to solve roadblocks with the help of writing. They will review and keep on revising their sentences until they solve their roadblocks and be contented on what they have written.

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